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High Strangeness Follows Family ?

Visiting my friend "Lola" and her family this holiday weekend near the Oregon coast, and more high strangeness there. (I've written about Lola and the strange vibe factor before in TR, HERE)

This time, Lola's brother was visiting as well. We shared stories around the campfire. Lots of stories about the house Lola and her brother lived in with the rest of the family, and the ghostly goings on that continue still. Now, Lola's brother, "Hank," is a cowboy. Drives the pick up and Jeep, wears a cowboy hat, loves country music, knows about horses, involved with the rodeo, hunts, camps. Very down to earth, very smart, no b.s. kind of guy. But he's also grown up with high strangeness, and being rational, doesn't deny his experiences.

Not only have Lola and Hank and the rest of the family experienced weird things in the house in the Camp Creek area of Oregon, their entire road seems to be "haunted". It almost sounds like a cliché; old Native American camping/hunting grounds, an old cemetery at the top of the road, and lots of all around creepiness the rest of the place, including an old Indian burial ground at the other end of the road.

Lola's son Miles told us that, while staying at the house, he went downstairs for something to eat late at night. He heard strange noises and looked out through the picture window off the kitchen and onto the deck; and saw "bodies hanging from posts, one of them was white, the rest were brown." Knowing all the other strange things heard, seen and felt in that house, we believed him.

Hank told us, and Lola verified this, that the house across from their parents house in this "haunted road" doesn't stay sold. People move in, and move out a year or two later. The price keeps going down. Several of the previous owners have behaved very weirdly while living there, including a few who've ended up in the psych ward. This all sounds very urban legend haunted house 101 stuff; but it isn't hard to believe. I've been in their house, and seen, heard and felt things myself. I've been on that road, the entire road (It dead ends at both ends: cemetery at the top, burial grounds/woods at the other end) and it is "mega creepy," no other way to explain it.

At one point, while sitting around the fire and sharing creepy stories about the creepy road, I mentioned how terrifying the cemetery was. I'd been there alone, at night (yes, I know, not brilliant) and it was horrible. I didn't hear or see anything, but the overwhelming feeling of dread, of suffocating negativity, was unlike anything I'd ever felt. I've also been there in the daytime, and there is one little section of this cemetery that, even in the daylight, was overpowering in its cold, nasty, uncomfortable "vibe." Hank, cowboy, pit bull owner, not afraid of nuttin' kind of guy, will not go back there. Not in daylight, certainly not at night.

Miles, Lola's son, made an interesting comment: he said that any cemetery would be creepy and so it's natural one would feel ‘scared" in a cemetery. Good point, and way to go, you rational kid you! But, as I and others said, we've been to their cemeteries. I've spent many a day, evening and night, walking through the Pioneer cemetery on the University campus, and never felt anything ‘creepy' at all. IN fact, somewhat peaceful. I've spent a lot of time at the Masonic cemetery in town and again, it's been very peaceful, never that overwhelming feeling of dread. And I remember the cemetery near my father's home in Boulder Creek, Californian; again, spent a lot of time there, night and day, and never that creepy feeling, that overwhelming feeling of fear, dread, stagnant, unwholesome negative intent that I felt at the cemetery on the "haunted road."

Sharing these stories lead to more experiences Hank and Lola have experienced in their lives; including the ones at other homes they've lived in. Relatives of theirs who live in California have experienced everything from ghosts to UFOs to Bigfoot.

And at the coastal region home of Lola and her family, some odd things have gone on, as I've written about previously here. (Lola's Deer.) The latest episode being the other night, where Hank saw a tall human-like figure floating/passing through the kitchen and dining room; Lola then saw it as well. (Remember, Lola saw a female human type being in her bedroom one day.) They agreed the figure didn't seem like a ghost, exactly; but the thing, whatever it is, disappeared quickly.

(One other thing that happened this weekend at their place: we've commented in the past that it's nice to be out in the middle of nowhere with no chemtrails. Yesterday and today, however, we saw several chemtrails out there; Lola's husband joked that we brought them with us. One theory some of us had was that, it being a holiday three day weekend with people out and about, camping, bar b queing, etc. it's a perfect day for trails. On the other hand, there aren't many people out there; although, there is a campground, and lots of places to fish.)

I've spent the night at their place many times, and while often sensitive to these things, apparently I'm not always. (Lola's home in the Eugene-Springfield area was haunted, as witnessed by many people, but for some reason, I never felt or saw anything.) So far, I haven't experienced anything of a high strangeness nature at their home on the coast, but who knows?

Next week: Lola's family and Bigfoot.

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