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Women in UFO and Paranormal Research

This March entry to Tricksterís Realm is an entry of shameless self-promotion. I, like many UFO and paranormal writers/researchers/scholars/experiencers, have many projects going on at once. (Thatís why Iím always rushing to get Tim here at Binnall of America his latest TR article.) I now have not two, but three blogs, the latest being UFO Blips: Exposing Disinfo In All Its Forms. Thereís also my website and various Yahoo forums that I moderate, or co-moderate. I recently joined TEPS -- Trials End Paranormal Society -- and will be assisting and heading up the Eugene, Oregon UFO chapter, which is now in its very early stages. Iím still working on my Oregon Bigfoot/UFO book (I swear; itís almost finished! Really!) and then of course, I have my ďreal" life; full time job, marriage, family, friends, my limping on-line book business, my art, and my five cats. Then thereís housework and piles of laundry, mundane things like that, but who worries about such piffle-type matters? Not me.

And my latest project, a database of women UFO and paranormal researchers. I want it to be big -- by ďbig" I mean comprehensive, cross-indexed, spiffy, and full of Very Interesting Things. Alas, I have little time, and so, I poke away, adding a name here, a name there, on my freebie website. (I havenít even had time to really research and get myself a ďreal" website.)

What do I consider a researcher? Thatís a broad term (no pun meant) and I use it to include writers, experiencers, researchers. From Jenny Randles to Betty Andreason Luca. Even Pamela Stonebrook, everyoneís favorite Reptilians Make The Best Lovers lady. And, after a bit of thought, I begrudgingly added, under ĎSkepticsí women like Dr. Susan Clancy and Dr. Susan Blackmore. I am loathe to give them free publicity, but I make it clear they are not UFO researchers per se, but have pontificated on the topic and so, under a separate category, theyíre in.

Next thing: to think of a title for it all. The Venus Project; hmmm, maybe not so much. Sounds vaguely like the name of a soft core porno flick from the 1970s. Well, Iím sure to think of something. Possibly an anagram or something. Sigh, it can be difficult being both professional and academic while avoiding being dry and didactic at the same time. The curse of the lonely UFOist.

So far, Iíve only put the names in alphabetical order. I intend to have a category index as well, along with more links and information, and a bibliography.

People who do these kinds of tasks, like Wendy Conners of the Faded Disc Project, or http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/2006/mar/m06 -007.shtml">Isaac Koiís recent UFO Chronology work very hard at compiling all this information. Itís not easy! And Iíve barely begun. Who am I to whine?

So, this is my latest project, and one that I hope will become a solid and useful contribution to UFO and paranormal research. Those with names of women involved in UFO and paranormal research -- and remember, this includes experiencers, writers, researchers, etc. -- are encouraged to contact me.

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