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Richelle Hawks Bio

Richelle Hawks lives with boys in a big, old house, on a pretty steep hill near the Mohawk River in upstate New York. She sells used and rare books, bakes a lot of muffins, and writes about the otherworld. Richelle has attended Washburn University, The University of Utah, and Utah College of Massage Therapy.

"Medusa's Ladder" Archive

4.9.11: Musings on Desire, Technology, and TV

2.6.11: Sign Me Up: Identity and the Zodiac

12.27.10: Patron Saint of Flying Saucers

11.7.10: Episodes of Enchantment

10.15.10: Notes on the Esoteric Nature
of Cartoons (Part 2)

9.10.10: Notes on the Esoteric Nature
of Cartoons (Part 1)

7.25.10: Weeding the Bookmarks:
Recommended Sites, Essays, and Videos

7.10.10: The Highway as Liminal Space

6.18.10: The Devil and Gordon Ramsay:
Hell's Kitchen and Trickster Dynamics

5.31.10: Two Interesting Paranormal Photographs

5.7.10: Missing News & the Times Square Car Bomb Attempt

4.23.10: The DNA of Macramé

4.10.10: The False Document Device and Trickster Dynamics in The Fourth Kind

3.19.10: Occult Meanings behind
the Trendy Bird Form in Popular Craft

3.6.10: Liminality and Color

2.19.10: Star Trek and the Missing Mythos

2.5.10: Fata Morgana: A Curious Photograph

1.8.10: Book Considerations for Your Esoteric Library

12.18.9: The First UFO Photograph: New Information

12.5.9: Tricking us Softly with her Song: Going Oprah

11.13.9: Pop Forensics as Postmodern Alchemy

10.30.9: The Trickster and the Alphabet, Part II: The Letter Q

10.9.9: The Trickster and the Alphabet, Part I

9.25.9: Jack the Ripper and Time Travel

9.11.9: Mirror, Mirror on the LOL

8.14.9: Deconstructing the Dolphin-headed (Fake) Drug Dealer

7.31.9: Aliens in Coveralls

7.10.9: Three Great Online Esoteric Journals

6.27.9: Kate Bush and the Occult

6.12.9: Occult Exchanges: Manga, Lolita Fashion, and the Bomb

5.22.9: Steampunk and the Fin de Siècle

5.8.9: Virgins and Saints along the Mohawk

4.25.9: Legend Tripping in Kansas: Rochester Cemetery Orbs

4.10.9: A Girl in Trouble is a Con/temporary Thing: Women on Mysteries

3.27.9: Slightly Woo-Woo: Synchronicity and the Unconscious

3.13.9: Strange Days, Indeed: Notes on Identity and the Super Bowl Commercials

2.27.9: Notes on UFOs, Aliens, and Psychedelic, Retro Sesame Street

2.13.9: Thanks for the (weird) Memories, Part II

1.30.9: Thanks for the (weird) Memories, Part I

1.9.9: Foiled Again: Aluminum and UFOs

12.12.8: Occult Anatomy: The Forehead and Identity

11.14.8: Pretty Puzzling Pareidolia: The False Head Photograph

10.31.8: The Whole Wide Word

10.17.8: Ebert Goes God (not)

9.19.8: Thoughts on that Bleeping Movie

9.5.8: Real Esoteric Fictions (Part 2)

8.22.8: Real Esoteric Fictions (Part 1)

7.25.8: He'll rip your Lungs out, Jim: Thoughts on Black Dog Syndrome

7.11.8: One Wild Ride: Notes on Myth, Meaning, and the Car Chase

6.27.8: A Hero’s Dilemma: Green and its Evil Twin

6.13.8: The Love Song of Ardis J. Stembridge

5.30.8: Get Thee Hence, Satan

5.16.8: The Treachery of Images, Part II: This is not a Killer

5.2.8: The Treachery of Images, Part I: This is not a Tooth

4.18.8: Musings on Style: Ode on an FLDS Urn

4.4.8: Mondo Deseret: The Top Seven Fortean Wonders of Utah, Part II

3.21.8: Mondo Deseret: The Top Seven Fortean Wonders of Utah, Part I

3.7.8: Shadow under this Red Rock: Problems of Pareidolia

2.29.8: A Room with a Most Remote View

2.22.8: Pointing Me in a Crooked Line: The Multiverse, Meaning, and a Dinette Set

2.15.8: Thus Spake Sasquatch: Notes on that Mormon/Bigfoot Connection

2.8.8: The Cold War and Altered Minds: Recalling The UFO Device in Retro TV Episodes

2.1.8: Incantations of the Yellow Morning: Reading the Conspiracy Theorists

1.25.8: A House on the Edge of Forever: Discovering and Documenting the Occult History under our Feet

1.18.8: Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmet on: The Flying Humanoids and Liminality

1.11.8: Lazily Looking for Holmes

1.4.8: Introducing "Medusa's Ladder"