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Grey Matter


Not My Imagination

So there I was on a bright sunny day about two months ago. I had been sitting outside for a while and had my camera with me, as always. It came to my attention that I needed to change the filter on the fish pond, so I went in and got the car keys and I go to the car where I had the new filters in the trunk.

Now the car is probably about 10 yards away from where I had been sitting. I got the filter out of the trunk, shut it, and started to take a step when my eyes wandered over the top of my house. I have to say that what I saw literally shocked me.

Granted, I have seen strange things in the sky since I was a child, but nothing that close and low.

I actually continued to stand there looking at it for probably at least 20 more seconds, just to make sure that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing because it didn't seem possible.

Of course, when I had gone to the car, I had left my camera up at my chair so I raced back to get it, the object had disappeared behind the house and was no longer visible. So then I raced around the house where I could get a view of that area. None of that could have taken longer than 30 seconds, but it was totally gone.

I have made a drawing of the object. As you will be able to tell -- I am no artist, but that is basically what it looked like. Kind of like a bow tie. The ends were solid white and the middle band was a rather shiny silver.

I would love to say that it probably disappeared behind the mountain range, but it seemed still quite a distance from them to be able to disappear over them in about half a minute. Still, it is hard to judge distance or height in the short time that I actually observed it. I can't even say for sure how large it was, but I would guess nearly as large as a commercial jet.

There are several things that bother me about this and #1 is the fact that I didn't take my camera with me to the car. I kick myself for that!

The second thing that irritates me is that I constantly question myself about what I saw. Did I really see it? Was my imagination playing tricks on me? I have even gone back to the exact spot I saw it several times to see if there was anything that I could have mistaken for the thing I saw. Nada. Pine tree branches are all that is visible where I saw the object.

Also, I am pretty sure that if I were imagining UFOs that would not be the object I would imagine. At the time, UFOs were very far from my mind. My mind was pretty much just on getting that filter and having my fountain work properly again.

I don't know where it came from or where it went and had I not got up for the filter I wouldn't have ever seen it.

There is the sheer frustration of it. There I am having the most up close UFO sighting of my life, my camera is a mere 10 yards away and I can't get to it and around the house before this thing disappears. I think that is why I didn't say anything for a couple months, I was so irritated by it and in a way hoping I would get a second chance. My second chance hasn't come and I doubt that it will.

I also irritate myself by constantly questioning what I saw. I stood there longer before racing for the camera just to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing and, at the time, I was 100% sure that I was. Why do I now question my own judgement? I suppose it is because I think others wouldn't believe me. I am missing the hard evidence.

I do question myself about it still, but each time I come to the same conclusion -- I saw it and it wasn't my imagination. That was not what I would imagine -- A saucer, a triangle or even the tube shaped thing I often see, but not that.

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