Jim starts out by going in-depth, laying out the case for 911 being an inside job. This case includes what Jim thinks is the "smoking gun" of 911. He shares with us his first-hand perspective of being in NYC for the 5th anniversary of 911.

Given the massive scope of 911, Jim explains how one educates the public as to the true nature behind the attacks. He explains why the mainstream media has begun to cover the 911 Truth Movement.

He shares some interesting new scientific developments in the Kennedy assassination that came to light just a few weeks ago and why it makes him hopeful for answers with regards to 911. We revisit the paradox, as discussed in last year's interview, that if the 911 research proves successful in getting mainstream acceptance, then a terror attack may be caused.

Would a change in the American political landscape result in a drop off from folks looking into 911 ? Jim offers his take on how the scene may shake out in the next few years of American politics.

We talk about how the 911 Truth Movement is a great opportunity to look at the birth and evolution of an entirely new esoteric niche. Jim gives us his perspective on how the last five years have played out. We talk about two key elements of the 911 movement : scholars and appeal to young Americans. We talk about the steps the 911 movement needs to take next in order to advance itself.

We discuss the similarities between the JFK assassination and 911 and why that seems to be the case. Jim assuages binnall's irritations with the 911 Truth Movement's "holier than thou" attitude with regards to Ufology. We move on to discuss how the UFO phenomenon, and elements of the esoteric associated with it, are integral to figuring out the big picture behind what is going on the world today.

Referencing back to last year's interview, binnall salutes Jim for an amazingly accurate prediction that played out during Hurricane Katrina. We talk about Katrina, why the infamous FEMA camps weren't used in the aftermath, and this segues into a discussion on FEMA camps in general. We ponder if, in the event of martial law being declared, does the government have the logistics and willing participants to get the job done.

We talk about the Canamex highway plan that will probably be integral in the creation of an eventual North American Union.

Bringing it back to the topic of 911, we talk about the cell phone calls purported to have taken place aboard the hijacked planes and Jim gives his take on the problems with this detail and how the calls may have been conjured up.

We wrap it up by finding out what's next for Jim Marrs and how to pick up "The Terror Conspiracy", and upcoming conference appearances.

After graduating with a degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas, he served in the US Army after which he became a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Jim worked for and owned several Texas newspapers before becoming an independent journalist/author. His in-depth investigative book, Alien Agenda, has been cited as the bestselling non-fiction book on UFOs in the world, having been translated into several languages. He is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK, and Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects The Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids.

His website is www.jimmarrs.com

topics discussed:
1 hr 5 min
Jim Marrs