We kick things off by finding out a little about Kent Daniel Bentkowski and how he got interested in the esoteric. KDB explains why he calls his work "research journalism". We discuss the overall goals of kentroversypapers.net. Kent reveals his unique connection to the Illuminati that opened his eyes to a global agenda. Wrapping up the background discussion, we talk about some of the people who have inspired Kent's work throughout his research.

We then move on to discuss some of the "special reports" @ kentroversypapers.net, starting with "Hilary Clinton's Hidden Agenda of Manipulation". KDB tell us what caused him to focus on this story. Binnall plays Devil's advocate, asking if Hilary's campaign is just as stage managed as all the other candidates', thus there is no conspiracy. Kent also tell us what he sees as the outcome of the 2008 election and how certain it is already. We speculate on how much of the predetermined nature of the election is known to the actual candidates. Wrapping up that portion, we talk about what Kent sees as a "grooming process" for a future George P. Bush presidency.

From there, we discuss another Kentroversy Special Report, focusing on the "Microchip Agenda". Kent reveals what tipped him off to the agenda and then goes through the gradual, five step process, that sees a microchipped population. Kent also tells us where he thinks we are on the scale of gradualism towards a chipped population. Kent then explains the downside to a microchipped population.

Next, we discuss Kent's four part series "Anatomy of a False Flag Terror Attack". We start out by talking about what a false flag terror attack is and what some of the main points "of note" are when looking for an FFTA. Kent explains the global agenda and how it is the end game of False Flag Terrorism. From there, we discuss the Luciferian aspect to the global agenda, including the influence of Luciferianism on rock and roll.

Kentroversy is the pen-name of Kent Daniel Bentkowski, a research-journalist from the Buffalo, New York USA area, which is a short drive away from Niagara Falls. The name came from his best friend, who one day long ago, mentioned that because of Kent's journalistic specialty, that he was always trying to start a "Kentroversy". He knew immediately upon hearing this nickname, that it suited him perfectly.

He has been a published author since 1985, when he sold his first article for twenty dollars. Since then, he has been writing and working as a journalist and researcher pretty much full time. He also has the ability to see the bigger picture, and as such, he has felt obligated to add his voice to those calling out from within the darkness that surrounds this planet.

His website is kentroversypapers.net

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Kent Daniel Bentkowski

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