We kick things off with the standard bio/background on Jason Offutt and find out how he got interested in the world of the esoteric. We also find out about Jason's tenure as mayor of a small Midwestern town. Jason recounts his childhood shadow person experience and how it led him to investigate the phenomenon. We also discuss the general creepiness of Darkness Walks and why the shadow phenomenon seems to resonate with so many people, both experiencers and those who have yet to see one.

Diving headlong into the shadow person discussion, we first have Jason give us a thumbnail look at just what shadow people are, as far as what has been reported by witnesses. He talks about some of the more disturbing "styles" of shadow people, namely the "Hat Man," Grim Reaper-like beings, and "red eyed" entities. Jason talks about the explosion of shadow people in the consciousness of esoterica which happened in the 1990's. Looking at the shadow person phenomenon as a whole, we ponder the idea that maybe they are many different types of entities but it is their manifestation in our world that makes them all look like shadows. From there we talk a little bit about what sort of photographic and video evidence of shadow people has been amassed so far and if there is much, if any, physical evidence from assaults by shadow people.

Jason shares what he learned from Native Americans about the shadow people phenomenon and their explanation is truly unique and very thought provoking. We then discuss some recurring elements found throughout the book: a potential connection between shadow people and electricity along with how some people seem to have one shadow person encounter which, in turn, opens them up to more frequent sightings of the entities. We then find out if the shadow people cases that Jason has heard are predominantly negative and if positive experiences are possible with these entities.

Following that, we have Jason tell one of the more bizarre stories featured in Darkness Walks which played out like a Twilight Zone episode, complete with a thrilling conclusion. We then have Jason share another frightening story from the book, this one centering on a man who says his wife became possessed by a shadow person.

Looking at the shadow people as a whole, we talk about how there are many different opinions on what they truly are and how each opinion comes from various experts who claim certainty of their assessment, thus rendering the mystery even more confounding. We also touch on the idea that some of the shadow entities may be aliens or perhaps the Islamic Jinn.

We examine if there is a legitimate increase in shadow people sightings going on right now or if it is just a function of the raised awareness of the phenomenon. Jason shares some fascinating research he has uncovered regarding the portrayal of the paranormal in literature and how it relates to a country or regions stability at the time. This turns, briefly, into some discussion on 2012 and the paradox of how general fear and paranoia about 2012 could fuel whatever darker entities are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting psyches. This segues into Jason talking about how people often report feeling as if the shadow people are "feeding off of fear." This leads to some talk of Ouija boards and how Jason has received stories of people conjuring shadow people via the device.

We then discuss one of the more bizarre chapters in the book, "Kaci's Cry for Help," about a group of people who claim to have developed "powers" and are fighting the shadow people. Jason also shares one aspect of this rather outlandish story that has shown to be resonant within the larger spectrum of shadow people research, despite being a rather obscure element.

Looking at another recurring theme, we talk about how it seems like people crying out for God or Jesus end up fending off the shadow people and speculate if this suggests an outright spiritual connection or just that speaking is what drives the entities away. Aside from shadow people, there are also "shadow animals" and Jason talks about those unique creatures as well. He also talks about how there may be more to reports of shadow cats than what we first hear.

We discuss what the various religious authorities have had to say about shadow people when Jason was researching his book. This leads to some more discussion on the Jinn and some of the bizarre behaviors ascribed to the entities. Jason also shares the Hindu interpretation of Shadow People and how it is one of the more benign explanations for the entities. We then talk about what sort of things psychics have had to say about shadow people. This segues into some discussion on one of the strangest explanations proffered in the book: reptilians.

We find out if Jason has had many reports from people using drugs and seeing shadow people and this segues into a discussion on how outside elements like electricity and chemical imbalances in the brain could be at fault for some shadow people sightings. This leads to an amazing story from Jason about a conjured shadow person sighting in a lab using electricity and we discuss how that raises the paradoxical question of whether the electricity caused the perception of shadow person or if it attracted a real entity. This leads us talking about what it would take to actually do a concentrated study on shadow people and if it would even be possible.

After that, Jason shares some of the rare stories of talking shadow people. This leads to some discussion on how Jason ended up collecting so many stories from people about their shadow entity encounters. We then move on to another fascinating story from the book which suggest some kind of shadow person "highway" as witnesses by a couple driving in their truck.

Heading towards the close, we look at the phenomenon of children and paranormal events and why it seems like they are more prone to sightings of shadow people, and other entities, than adults. Lending credence to the shadow people phenomenon, we talk about how many of the stories in the book are multiple witness events, which eliminates many possibilities put forth by skeptics. Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Jason Offutt, including his next book project and a college course he is teaching about "paranormal journalism."

Jason Offutt is a writer and college journalism instructor. At various times in his career, he has also been a newspaper editor, general assignment reporter, photographer, newspaper consultant, bartender, farm hand, and the mayor of a small Midwestern town. His books include Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to the Show-Me State's Most Spirited Spots, and a collection of parenting humor entitled On Being Dad. He has been named humor writer of the year multiple times by the Missouri Press Association. He lives with his wife and children in Maryville, Missouri.

His website is from-the-shadows.blogspot.com

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Jason Offutt