The second half of our interview kicks off with Kent and binnall talking about the mass media and the conditioning process that Kent sees going on to shape the mindset of the culture. Kent tells us about some of the conditioning messages he sees contained in popular films, including "A Bug's Life" and "Monsters Inc.".

We discuss how the hidden Illuminati messages end up being hidden in popular films. Kent then talks about "The Breakfast Club", why it is one of his favorite films and how there are messages within the text that run counter to the Illuminati agenda. After that, Kent talks in-depth about the Harry Potter book and film series and some of the potential underlying messages found therein. From there, we talk about John Carpenter's "They Live".

Following that, we discuss television shows as means of hiding Illuminati messages and agenda, including "The Lone Gunmen", "24", "Jericho", and other programs.

Heading towards the end, we find out about Kent's research into Timohty McVeigh, including some intriguing revelations he received from a McVeigh family member. We also get Kent's take on the UFO phenomenon, including his own UFO sighting, a subject he rarely speaks about on

We get Kent's thoughts on 2012 and the Revelation of Method concept. Looking at the big picture of it all, we discuss whether the general population is "screwed" and trying to fight the global agenda too late into the plan and, additionally, what does Kent recommend people do.

Wrapping it up, we find out what's next for Kent Daniel Bentkowski and

Kentroversy is the pen-name of Kent Daniel Bentkowski, a research-journalist from the Buffalo, New York USA area, which is a short drive away from Niagara Falls. The name came from his best friend, who one day long ago, mentioned that because of Kent's journalistic specialty, that he was always trying to start a "Kentroversy". He knew immediately upon hearing this nickname, that it suited him perfectly.

He has been a published author since 1985, when he sold his first article for twenty dollars. Since then, he has been writing and working as a journalist and researcher pretty much full time. He also has the ability to see the bigger picture, and as such, he has felt obligated to add his voice to those calling out from within the darkness that surrounds this planet.

His website is

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