We kick things off with some classic clips, going all the way back to the first BoA : Audio program ever, where we find out Stanton Friedman's thoughts on steroids in baseball. Additionally, we'll dig into the Season One archive for an excerpt of our interview with Loren Coleman where he talks about his work with suicide prevention and Major League Baseball.

Adam Gorightly returns to the program to share the story of Doc Ellis's LSD infused no hitter from the 1970's. Adam talks about being a Giants fan and his thoughts on Barry Bonds. This segues into a discussion on the LA Dodgers / MK Ultra story. From there, we discuss what Adam's been up to since his last BoA : Audio appearance. He talks about the Retro UFO Conference and discusses the Integretron.

Up next is Paul Kimball, who appeared on BoA : Audio in the beginning of this season. We discuss Paul's March of 2005 blog post about Ufology & the Red Sox, namely whether or not Ufology will ever have that "2004 Red Sox Moment" (i.e. a breakthrough in the UFO enigma) after years of waiting. Paul explains why he wrote the piece and why he hopes for a "Red Sox Moment" for Ufology. He then talks about the follow up piece that he'd hoped to write, dealing with the fallout to that potential breakthrough, the feeling of "what now ?, the downside of solving the mystery. We talk about how Paul feels now, two years later, on the chances for that Ufology breakthrough and if his original piece was more colored by the afterglow of the Sox championship. Will Michio Kaku be Ufology's Daisuke Matsuzaka?

We move into some straight baseball discussion and we find out Paul's thoughts on the upcoming Red Sox season. Paul explains the difference between "his Red Sox" and the Red Sox of today. Paul talks about his problems with baseball today. He explains how the economics of sport are taking the fun out of sports. Paul tells us who he blames for the steroids in baseball epidemic. He shares with us where he does find a connection to "old school" baseball. We talk about the upcoming season, in general, and Paul predicts the winner of this coming year's World Series. Paul tells us what he's been up to since his appearance on BoA : Audio back in September, including an update on air dates for "Best Evidence : Top 10 UFO Cases" and we start to set up a future BoA : Audio special to co-incide with the premiere of "Best Evidence".

Greg Bishop returns to BoA : Audio to offer a rebuttal to Kimball's "Ufology's Red Sox moment" blog post. He talks about what could be considered some of Ufology's defining moments and the generational change going on in Ufology today. We try to determine who are the "Steve Bartmans" of Ufology. From there, we talk about the X-Files "Roswell / baseball" episode which segues into a discussion on the lack of prominent black researchers in Ufology.

Diving back into baseball, we talk about Greg's LA Dodgers fandom, including his recounting of the last game he saw. He gives us his thoughts on the upcoming season for the Dodgers. We talk about the idea of the home field advantage and what its like in LA, based on reputation. Bishop weighs in on the steroids in baseball controversy and how he doesn't like homeruns. We also force Greg to pick a winner for this year's World Series. Greg then responds to Adam Gorightly's digs about the Dodgers and MK Ultra.

Wrapping it up, we find out what Greg's been up to since his appearance on BoA : Audio. We find out how UFO Mystic came about and get an update on Greg's attempts to get a hold of a copy of the notorious Bill Moore Vegas MUFON speech. Plus, he gives some great first hand perspective from that infamous event.

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