We start out by finding out about Marie Jones and how she gravitated towards the esoteric and new science. We find out which, of all the esoteric subjects she covers in the book, is her particular favorite genre. We talk about the infighting within esoterica and how the fields may be more interrelated than specialists think. We talk about the ridicule factor that plagues esoterica and what can be done to overcome that problem. Marie talks about how she's sees that changing and why the change may be coming about. We also discuss the serious problem of lack of funding for esoteric research or even areas of new science. We discuss the antagonistic relationship between the esoteric and mainstream science and Marie tells us how she sees that dissonance slowly going away. We talk about getting over the speedbump of the scientific community not recognizing data collected by paranormal investigators.

Moving into the new science realm of the book, we talk about findings in quantum research that show intention shapes the outcome of some experiments. From there we discuss the "holy grail" of science, a way of tying the mico and macro worlds into one workable theory. This segues into the problem of repeatability and how it often thwarts acceptance of the esoteric by mainstream science. We touch on how the book covers a wide array of areas in alternative research and Marie talks about her research for the book and how she wrote it with the mainstream audience in mind.

From there we discuss the various theories on the universe and if there is one that looks particularly strong. We talk about the multiple universe theory and how close the "hidden universe" may be to our own. We also discuss the "information theory" of the universe, a particularly bizarre theory amongst the contenders. We talk about how some theories for the universe depend on some kind intelligence at work and how science reconciles that nebulous situation.

Binnall finally gets an answer regarding "dimensions v. universes, what's the difference ?" We move on from there to discuss multiple dimension theories. Given that humans can't see past the usual four dimensions, how does science study these potential other dimensions ? Marie tells us. We also find out if it is possible for humans to learn to perceive the additional dimensions or if are we totally limited from picking it up. We also discuss how children seem to be more perceptive to things that may be outside an adult's level of awareness.

We then discuss the "zero point field", where the idea for it came from, what it may be, and what it could be used for, and the metaphysical aspects of the ZPF. We find out where the ZPF relates to alternate dimensions. We also discuss the idea that profound discoveries regarding the ZPF (such as free energy) may be held back by the "powers that be" and if the science being done "in the black" is much more advanced that what is being reported in mainstream science journals.

The strange trend of paranormal events being contagious is our next topic for discussion. Marie tells us about her deja vu experience and why she recommends people experiencing deja vu to just "go with it". Ancient religions as a window to what we are seeing coming from scientists studying new science. Following that, we tackle the big question of whether or not the human race can be responsible with whatever it discovers as a result of the new science. We then talk about what kind of effect, if any, discoveries in new science may have on everyday life. If these new sciences find the answer to one paranormal phenomenon, will the rest then fall into line in a domino effect. We also discuss the possibility that its dangerous to be meddling in these esoteric sciences, since it could unleash something beyond our control. Marie tells us where all this new science is headed in the future.

Marie tells us about her next book, "Supervolcano", which will be co-written with her father, a geophysicist. Additionally we find out what's coming up next from Marie Jones, how to find out what she'll be up to, and problems she's run into with people trying to pronounce "Psience".

Marie D. Jones has been involved with the paranormal in one way or another for most of her life, which led to a fascination with quantum physics and the writing of her new book, “PSIence: How New Discoveries In Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena.” Marie is also a New Thought/Metaphysics minister and spiritual counselor. She holds a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Studies has also studied Wicca, goddess traditions, mythology and comparative religion. She worked as a field investigator for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Los Angeles and San Diego in the 1980s and 1990s.

Marie is a widely published author. Her book, “Looking For God in All the Wrong Places,” was chosen as the “Best Spiritual/Religious Book of 2003” by the popular book review website, RebeccasReads.com, and the book made the “Top Ten of 2003” list at MyShelf.com. Marie has also co-authored of over three-dozen inspirational books for Publications International/New Seasons, including ”100 Most Fascinating People in the Bible,” “Life Changing Prayers,” and “God’s Answers to Tough Questions” and her essays, articles and stories have appeared in “Chicken Soup for the Working Woman’s Soul,” “Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman,” “If Women Ruled the World,” “God Allows U-Turns,” “UFO Magazine,” “Alternate Realities,” “Unity Magazine,” “Whole Life Times,” “Science of Mind Magazine” and many others. She is also a popular book reviewer for such websites as BookIdeas.com, and CurledUp.com.

Married, with one son, Max, she now resides in San Marcos, California where she continues her pursuit for knowledge of both the natural, and the supernatural.

Her blog is psience.blogspot.com and her formal website is mariedjones.com

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Marie Jones