We kick things off with the bio/background on Betty Meyler, finding out how a strange incident near her hometown ended up spawning her interest in the UFO phenomenon. She explains how the initial reaction to the event inspired her to form a small UFO group which evolved, via surprise publicity, into the UFO Society of Ireland, covering the entire nation.

Betty explains why there seems to be a lack of documented history of the UFO phenomenon in Ireland. She also shares one amazing sighting story, told to her by a witness, from long, long ago, which illustrates the way the phenomenon may have been interpreted in the past. She also relates a strange story of a 2002 UFO sighting which is tied to a mound in Ireland, reputed to be the burial place of the granddaughter of the Biblical Noah. This segues into a strange story of a 2005 UFO sighting at a nearby lake, which Betty thinks is related to some kind of UFO portal and she shares details of her visit to the strange lake. We also find out about the reports that Betty has received at the UFO Society and if there are any trends worth noting.

We get Betty's opinion on why Ireland seems to be such a hotbed of unique paranormal phenomena throughout the ages. She also explains why few people know about some of the wonderous ancient monuments still found in Ireland today. She details some of the mysterous mounds and tombs that are located near her in Ireland.

Betty then adds some more detail to the 1994 "UFO crash" that spawned her interest and subsequent organization. She explains why they don't think this really was a UFO crash and shares two theories as to what really happened. We find out if there were any UFO groups prior to the formation of Betty's organization and she details how things are changing in the country to be more open about UFOs. She also recounts some footage of a UFO that was presented at her most recent conference in Ireland and how the footage was independently corroborated by an additional witness. Betty also talks about some of the harsh peer pressure that befell the early days of her UFO group, which tried holding more public meetings but have since switched to an annual conference.

We find out about the recent UFO file release by the government in Ireland and Betty explains why she is nonplussed about the revelations contained therein. She also remarks on what is the true benefit, in her eyes, of such releases of UFO files (and subsequent media attention) in Ireland. She also reveals if there was anything that caught her eye in the released files and if Ireland has a MOD position similar to the one held by Nick Pope in the UK. She also opines on why it is pointless to try and find out UFO information from the Irish government. We also find out if Betty thinks Irish government is part of a worldwide UFO coverup or is out of the loop with regards to the UFO secret.

Next we look at the media coverage of UFOs in Ireland, most notably the evolution of the coverage since Betty formed the UFO Society of Ireland. She explains how increased media attention means increased UFO reports for her group, but that doesn't mean that they are all legitimate UFO sightings. She also recounts an interesting tale she recently heard from a pilot who had a UFO encounter. This segues into some discussion on pilot UFO sightings in Ireland, which has been the subject of some recent research by some of Betty's colleagues. Jumping back to media coverage, we find out if the Irish media also gives "fair time" to skeptics, like the American media seems to do more often than not.

Given the similar nature to old stories of faeries in Ireland being similar to abduction cases, we find out from Betty if there is much in the way of abduction reports in Ireland. We also find out if the UFO flap of this past Summer in England & Wales spread to Ireland as well.

Heading towards the close, we find out if, after 10 years of research, Betty has come to any conclusions or theories on just what the UFO phenomenon may be. We also get Betty's opinion on whether or not we'll see some form of UFO disclosure in the near or distant future.

Wrapping things up, Betty gives us an early preview, including who she would like for speakers, of the 6th annual UFO Society of Ireland to be held on the 4th & 5th of October. We also find out how folks can find out more from Betty and the UFO Society of Ireland.

The UFO Society of Ireland began in 1996, the brainchild of Betty Meyler from Boyle, Ireland. From talking to friends, she realised that there were many people who had 'seen things' but were reticent to come forward and relate their strange sightings, some going back 20 or 30 years, for fear of being laughed at or ridiculed. For the last five years, the organization has hosted notable UFO researchers from around the world at their annual Irish International UFO Conference.

Her website is www.ufosocietyireland.com

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Betty Meyler