We start out by finding out some background on Farah Yurduzu and how she gravitated towards the esoteric, including a fascinating story of her great-grandfather's encounter with ETs and how it spawned three generations of esoterically gifted people. She talks about the psychic awakening in her teen years and how it let to her working with the Turkey's Center for Metaphysical Study. This turns to a side discussion on her work as a medium on TLC's "Dead Tenants".

Moving into Ufology in Turkey, Farah starts by giving us some background on Turkey and stories from its history that suggests ET intervention. She also talks about the wolf symbol, its importance to Turkey, the tie in it has to these creation stories, and how it applies to present day abduction stories. This segues into some amazing discussion of vast underground cities in Turkey. We talk about the culture in Turkey, as compared to America, with regards to the UFO phenomenon and the media. We find out about the Turkish government's perspective on the UFO phenomenon.

Discussion turns to UFO investigation in Turkey, as well as, the problem of lack of abduction research. Farah gives a brief sketch of the history of Ufology in Turkey and how it grew out of spiritualism and general paranormal study.

Farah tells us the story of some close encounters and UFO landings in Turkey. She talks about Turkish abductions and the similarities to American abductions. She also shares an interesting Men In Black story from 1980's Turkey and how it suggests some kind of shapeshifting beings. This segues into a fascinating discussion on Turkish tradition of the "visits of the genies" to young children and how it may be related to modern day abductions. We also talk about the Turkish tradition of the Scarlet Woman.

We find out why Farah came to America, where paranormal studies are more marginalized than in Turkey. She also tells us why it's hard to get good UFO information from the countries around Turkey. We briefly touch on the theory that Noah's Arc is on Turkey's Mt. Ararat and find out what the Turkish perspective is on that theory.

From there, we go back to her work with The Learning Channel's "Dead Tenants" program, how she got involved with the series and the kind of investigations they have done.

Wrapping it up, Farah tells us about her upcoming appearance at Aztec and plans for a English language book in the future.

Born in Istanbul, at 13 Farah became Hypnotic Trans Medium at Turkey's Center for Metaphysical Study one of the world's oldest institutions devoted to paranormal research.

She went to to become Turkey's first female UFO investigator, autor of four bestselling books, and many magazine articles, and host of her own popular TV show still broadcast throughout the Turkish speaking world.

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Farah Yurdozu