We start out with a little background and bio information on Jerry E. Smith for those who haven't heard him on the program before. He talks about some of the early books that led to his evolution as an esoteric researcher.

He talks about the road to his previous book "HAARP : Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy" and how this new book is a natural extension of that work. Jerry discusses some of the problems with present day research into esoteric matters like chemtrails and HAARP. He goes on to explain how he tailored the book for those who are only vaguely familiar with these peripheral esoteric topics, while also providing remarkable depth and, notably, extremely current information.

We talk about The Rainmakers of the late 19th Century in Middle America and how this strange era of environmental modification grew out of the American Civil War. Jerry talks about how this turn of events began the legal whirlwind surrounding weather modification tort. This leads to a discussion about the crux of the problem with weather modification today, the conflict over "what may be possible" and "what actually is possible".

Jerry gives us a thorough look at the events that led up to the UN Enmod (Environmental Modification) Treaty and why it was a watershed moment in the history of weather warfare. He discusses the infamous quote from Secretary of Defense Cohen in 1997 that suggests serious weather modification capabilities are already in the hands of the US military.

We cover the troubling study "Air Force 2025 : Owning the Weather", commissioned by the US government, that looks at how to implement the weather as a weapon. Throwing back to the toothless UN Enmod Treaty, we talk about how it is more of a PR move than actual legislation and has never been called into affect by any countries. He tells us of two memorable moments during the first Gulf War when Iraq violated the Enmod Treaty and explains why there was no retribution for it. He also explains how the War on Drugs is used as a cover for violations of the Enmod Treaty.

Moving on to discuss HAARP, Jerry describes how his opinion on it has changed over the years and what he thinks it is used for nowadays. Jerry explains where he differs from the other HAARP researchers. We talk about the HAARP phenomenon in pop culture and how it became a proverbial umbrella for so many conspiracy theories in esoterica. We cover the interesting trend of HAARP patent ownership and how it betrays the official statements of the folks behind HAARP. Jerry tells us what he thinks the primary use for HAARP is and why he has come to that conclusion. He also touches on the Columbia crash and how it may be tied in to HAARP's true use.

From there, we discuss the contrail v. chemtrail controversy and debate. We start by clearing up the differences between contrails and chemtrails and what the popular misconception is about both phenomena. We discuss global warming, the lackluster media coverage of the potential reasons behind global warming, and the reason for this one-sided coverage. Jerry tells us about the proposed methods underway for mitigating global warming (known as geo-engineering) and how that may all tie in to the chemtrail phenomenon. He also covers one chilling aspect of these geo-engineering schemes that some scientific bodies have discovered.

Jerry takes issue with the official stance on contrails and talks about how the "no fly days" after 911 opened many people's eyes as to the effect of contrails. He goes on to explain how the jet fuel, jet engines, and the atmosphere have all changed over the last few decades, making contrails a "normal" part of our lives. We talk about how, regardless of the veracity of chemtrail claims, contrails are indeed a major environmental problem, yet are lumped in with the chemtrail conspiracy theory and, thus, marginalized from mainstream discussion. Jerry goes on to explain how many of the sinister fears regardind chemtrails, such as intentional poisoning and the like, are just not possible based on the nature of spraying from jets.

Bringing the discussion back around to the beginning, we talk about what forms of weather modifications may be in use today, that people would recognize, and why its hard to determine such a thing. We find out if there are other HAARP-esque facilities elsewhere in the world.

Wrapping it up, we find out what's next for Jerry E. Smith, including a feature presentation @ Conspiracy Con 2007

Jerry E. Smith has been a writer, editor and activist for over three decades.

In 1991 Mr. Smith and Jim Keith, author of Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order and numerous other conspiracy and mind control books, founded the National UFO Museum (NUFOM) in Reno, Nevada. From 1991 to 1994 Mr. Smith was the Executive Director of NUFOM, while Mr. Keith acted as the Chairman of the Board. In addition to his administrative duties of running the day-to-day operations of NUFOM, Mr. Smith also edited and wrote for that organization's quarterly journal, Notes from the Hangar.

At the same time Mr. Smith worked as an editor/graphic artist with Jim Keith's magazine Dharma Combat: The Magazine of Spirituality, Reality and Other Conspiracies. Jerry served variously as Managing Editor and Art Director from Dharma Combat's inception in 1988 until Jim's untimely death in 1999. Today he lives and continues to write in Reno, Nevada.

His websites are www.jerryesmith.com and www.secretsoftheholylance.com.

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Jerry E. Smith