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Gian Quasar

(2 Hours, 28 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio tears at the fabric of the Bigfoot enigma with acclaimed researcher Gian Quasar, author of the sure-to-be-controversial Recasting Bigfoot: Uncovering the Truth about Sasquatch Amidst the Hype of Bigfoot. In this, his first-ever interview on the new book, Gian details his remarkable thesis which suggests that the current conception of the North American Bigfoot is fundamentally wrong, that the many creatures called 'Bigfoot' around the world are really a variety of undiscovered bipedal primates, and that, amidst all that, Neanderthal / feral humans are also lurking and adding to the Sasquatch mythos. Gian will take us, step by step, through the process by which 'Bigfoot' was created in contemporary folklore, blowing up the popular vision of the creature and replacing it with an altogether different, yet still quite enigmatic, series of beasts.

Along the way, we'll talk about Native American legends of Sasquatch, the early years of Bigfoot research, the Patterson film, the antics of Ray Wallace, and creatures such as the Loysi, the Almas, the Abominable Snowman, the Skookum, the tale of 'wild woman' Zana, and the Russian studies of their mysterious creatures. Plus, of course, tons more.

It's a mind-blowing edition of the program that constitutes a must-hear episode for anyone even remotely interested in the Sasquatch phenomenon as Gian Quasar joins us to share his challenging, enlightening, and fearless research. An instant classic edition of BoA:Audio that is sure to generate discussion and debate for weeks, months, and probably years.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out how and why Gian, the world's foremost Bermuda Triangle researcher, decided to examine the Sasquatch phenomenon. We dive right into Recasting Bigfoot by discussing Gian's general thesis and how it is shaped by early Native American accounts of Sasquatch which detail a much different concept for 'Bigfoot.' Gian then traces how those original versions of Sasquatch got confabulated over time and turned into the mainstream version of 'Bigfoot' that we know today.

Gian specifically talks about how the explosion of the Abominable Snowman phenomenon in the 1950's, built on remarkably credible evidence, planted the seeds for the birth of Bigfootery in America but also had a deleterious effect on the original (and subsequent) concept of what Bigfoot was. He also discusses how Ray Wallace's fraudulent Bigfoot prints set the stage for additional misconceptions which further twisted the idea of Bigfoot in North America. Gian also details why he believes the Patterson film to be fake and examines why the actions of the principal players surrounding the film suggest that they fabricated a hoax.

Having dismantled the popular concept of Bigfoot, we then turn towards what Gian thinks account for some of the various Bigfoot-like creatures reported around the world. Gian starts by detailing the infamous Loysi photo, the story behind it, and how he thinks it fits into the Sasquatch phenomenon. Gian also differentiates the Skookum creature from the Sasquatch legends and talks about what he believes that animal is. Moving on to creatures in Asia, Gian looks at the Yeti and the Almas and talks about what his research indicates about these mystery animals.

Gian goes into great detail about the Russian studies of the Almas and how they reveal how the Soviet conclusions were profoundly different from the American perspective but also similar in their flaws. This leads to finding out about the Feral Human / Neanderthal aspect of Sasquatch and Gian recounts the notorious story of Zana, a 'wild woman' that was captured in Russia around the 1860's. Ultimately, Gian ties it all together to show how the combined mistakes of the Russian and American research communities resulted in the obliteration of the Neanderthal suspect for some Sasquatch-like creatures.

Moving forward, Gian talks about why he contends that while there hasn't been a good Bigfoot sighting in America for 30 years, there is plenty of evidence to support his thesis that these are many different creatures and they have been captured or killed in other parts of the world. He explains how the accumulated misrepresentation of the American Bigfoot is why it remains so elusive. Gian also makes the case for why these 'feral humans' or modern day Neanderthals are not true 'missing links.'

We find out what kind of feedback Gian has gotten on his book and his theories from the Bigfoot research community and why they are resistant to discarding the 'classic' concept of Bigfoot. Looking at the hypothetical fallout of the capture of one of these bipedal primates, we speculate on how science wouldn't realize it was a form of Bigfoot but the the media could also ascribe it to all forms of the Bigfoot around the world as well. Trying to clear up some of the nomenclature, Gian gives his opinion on what constitutes the true North American Bigfoot. Taking his theories into consideration, we ponder how one would best capture or prove the existence of the North American bipedal primate as well as a race of Neanderthals still living in the wilds of the continent. Gian details Morris Mountain in Canada, which is alleged to be the home territory of the feral human Sasquatch tribe. Gian also weighs in on the 'kill v. no kill' debate that still rages in Bigfoot research.

Jumping around to some various points from the book, we return to the Patterson film and look at how there were other suspicious aspects in the immediate aftermath of the making of the movie. We also talk about a true character in Bigfoot research history: Rene Dehinden. This leads to some discussion on how early Bigfooters could have made such fundamental mistakes in their initial investigation into the creature. Looking at the Bigfoot theory du jour, we get Gian's take on the paranormal / interdimensional Bigfoot theories that have come into vogue in recent years. We also ponder how bipedal canine theories, popularized by Linda Godfrey, might fit into Gian's theories. We also revisit the Loysi and find out what Bigfoot researchers say about the creature.

Heading towards the close, we get Gian's take on the dermal ridge craze of recent years. We have Gian summarize what he thinks are the best pieces of evidence for Sasquatch creatures as well as what evidence he thinks should not be considered as credible. In light of all of his investigation into the phenomenon, we have Gian weigh in on the last 30 years of Bigfoot research. Closing the book on Recasting Bigfoot, we find out where folks can get the book. Before we end the conversation, we also have Gian give us a thumbnail preview of his other recent book They Flew into Oblivion, an examination of the infamous Bermuda Triangle case of Flight 19. And, closing things out, we find out what's next for Gian Quasar in both Bermuda Triangle and Bigfoot research.

Gian Quasar Bio

Gian Quasar is recognized as the leading authority in the world on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the man responsible for taking the subject out of the haze of two decades of debunker driven obscurity and placing it in its actual and often disturbing light. He is the first person to completely document the Bermuda Triangle, incident by incident. His research began over 15 years ago, and he has compiled the largest private repository of reports and official maritime documents, containing over 350 cases spanning over 2 centuries. Over 150 of these have been disappearances which have happened in the last 25 years.

Gian's tenacity in finding every scrap available has gained him popular recognition as Generation X's number 1 investigator of the most famous phenomena topics long established by the 1970s, uncovering them for an entirely new generation, but now with actual documentation instead of the endless hype and hyperbole of their public marketing. He presents them as all facts must be presented: in a mature and objective manner.

His website is bermuda-triangle.org

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