We kick off Part 2 by discussing perhaps the most chilling Bermuda Triangle topic of all: those who experienced the Triangle phenomenon and "lived to tell the tale." Gian details what the usual "symptoms" are of a Triangle experience and relates the story of Bruce Gernon, perhaps the most famous Triangle survivor, who had two experiences in the area. He shares insights, learned from Gernon, about the infamous "fog" that is often attributed to Triangle incidents. Gian also recounts Charles Lindburgh's encounter with the fog while flying through the Triangle. Gian talks more about the electric fog and how it seems to carry the craft after it evelops it and also how weather instruments do not pick up the fog. We then speculate if there is an additional element to the Triangle disappearances outside of the electronic fog, since finding wreckage of missing ships and planes is very rare.

Next, we look at ships that have experienced anomalies in the Triangle and survived, including a bizarre and fascinating story involving a tugboat towing another ship and the fog enveloping the towed ship. He also shares an event from the 1990's of another strange seafaring encounter within the Triangle.

We go off topic, briefly, to discuss how extensive contemporary news reports are about Triangle disappearances. Gian then talks about dealing with the media, since he's become the contemporary "go to" guy for Bermuda Triangle information. This segues into a humorous aside about the origins of Gian's name.

Following that, we take a closer look at the electric fog and Gian explains why it is "one of the most key" elements to the Triangle. He shares a great case about a pilot who encountered the fog, tried to write about it for a piloting magazine, and had her title referencing the Bermuda Triangle censored. This leads to some discussion on whether there is a JNAP-type law preventing pilots from talking about their Triangle experiences. Gian then tells us about the reporting standards of the various agencies that oversee Triangle events.

From there, we talk about the "Devil's Triangle" of the South China Sea and compare/contrast it with its more famous counterpart. We also talk about the strange number of disappearances that occur over and on the US's Great Lakes region, making it the #2 area in the world for strange disappearances.

We then talk about some of tangential esoteric elements which may be at work in the Triangle disappearances. We start with the Atlantic Ridge, the theories of worldwide catastrophe around 4000 BC, Gian's thoughts as a "catastrophist," his problems with the uniformitarianist point of view on Earth Changes, and how it all may tie in to the Triangle. Another, potentially related, element to the Triangle lore that we discuss is the Bimini Road and Gian talks about how that is related to the infamous Edgar Cayce predictions of discoveries there. Gian also clears up some confusion over the Cayce predictions of Atlantis & Bimini. We look at the connection between stories of Atlantis (notably via Edgar Cayce's influence) and the Triangle, along with how that all connects with some theories in Ufology.

We discuss Martian and Lunar anomalies and how even those esoteric genres have been tied to the Triangle in some form or fashion. We get Gian's take on the "chicken v. egg" argument of the anomalies: were they created by early humans going outward from Earth or ETs on their way to the planet. This leads to some discussion on the Indian Vimanas, which Gian gives a throrough look at in Into the Bermuda Triangle.

Breaking the 4th wall a bit, we ponder why mainstream science still refuses to look at some of the anomalies of pre-history which suggest more advanced early humans. Gian then speculates on what it might take for science to change its perspective on this sticky issue. Lending credence to the worldwide disaster theory, Gian details the "Population Equation" which suggests that there was a serious disruption in the Earth's population at some point in the not-too-distant past.

We finally come around to discussing that dreaded four-letter word that often gets related to the Triangle: UFOs. We start by finding out how prevalent UFO reports are to the Triangle area. We also learn what sort of UFO sightings have been reported by those who have had Triangle experiences and managed to survive. We get Gian's perspective on how much of a role UFOs may play in the Triangle disappearances.

After that we discuss the popular notion that planes and boats aren't just disappearing in the Triangle but that they are going "someplace" and we get Gian's take on that idea and how possible that might be. We also muse about how the "travel to someplace else" mythos has attached itself to the Triangle, despite there being no evidence for that aspect of the story. We also ponder if there is any way to actually study the Bermuda Triangle or if it is more akin to fishing, which requires repeated attempts to induce some event in the Triangle.

We get Gian's perspective that, at the end of the day, something positive will come out of the Triangle disappearances, in the form of alternative energy or science discoveries. Jumping back a bit to our discussion on the infamous fog inside the Triangle, we talk about how similar fog has been accheived during Hutchinson Effect experiments and speculate what that correlation might mean.

Looking at the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon as a whole, we find out what Giant's preferred theory is as to what is truly going on inside the Bermuda Triangle, based on all his research. Heading towards the close, we smash the 4th wall and get Gian's thoughts on why it seems like the Bermuda Triangle, once huge in esoterica, has become so marginalized in today's scene. We also find out what the general attitude is of people who live within the Triangle to its esoteric reputation.

Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Gian, starting with an upcoming book from him titled Recasting Bigfoot which he promises to be "quite different from everything else" and to "blow a lot of the bull away." He also provides some fascinating teasers as to what will be in the book. Additionally, he previews his other impending two books dedicated to specific Triangle cases: Flight 19 (They Flew into Oblivion) and the USS Cyclops. We also find out what else is coming up from Gian Quasar, including an indy film he is developing about the "Lost Nahani Valley."

Gian Quasar is recognized as the leading authority in the world on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the man responsible for taking the subject out of the haze of two decades of debunker driven obscurity and placing it in its actual and often disturbing light. He is the first person to completely document the Bermuda Triangle, incident by incident. His research began over 15 years ago, and he has compiled the largest private repository of reports and official maritime documents, containing over 350 cases spanning over 2 centuries. Over 150 of these have been disappearances which have happened in the last 25 years.

Gian’s tenacity in finding every scrap available has gained him popular recognition as Generation X’s number 1 investigator of the most famous phenomena topics long established by the 1970s, uncovering them for an entirely new generation, but now with actual documentation instead of the endless hype and hyperbole of their public marketing. He presents them as all facts must be presented: in a mature and objective manner.

His website is bermuda-triangle.org

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Gian Quasar

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