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Bruce Rux
Ruxgiving 2014

(2 Hours, 9 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio celebrates Thanksgiving with our annual holiday episode featuring the amazing Bruce Rux. In this year's installment of Ruxgiving, we cover a veritable cornucopia of esoteric topics via questions submitted by BoA:Audio listeners, including how Bruce first got interested in the esoteric, the construction of the pyramids and how it may relate to Coral Castle, Deep Space 9, Attack of the Titans and manga, the connection between pirates, Masons, and the Templars, good books on Gnosticism that Bruce recommends, Bruce's favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, the possibility for new books by Bruce as well as re-issuing of his previous books.

We also discuss the government creating war propaganda in the form of TV shows and movies, the Moon Hoax theory, lunar anomalies, remote viewing, the symbolic recurrences of Saturn, the militarization of the police, UFO flaps, Budd Hopkins & Whitley Strieber, Egyptian imagery reportedly seen by alien abductees, and the connection between UFOs and religion. Beyond that, we delve into the Aurora shooting and get Bruce's take on the latest developments with that case as well as Colorado's legalization of marijuana. And, of course, tons and tons more.

It's Ruxgiving: the paranormal radio equivalent to meeting up with an old friend at the local bar on the night before Thanksgiving. So sit back, relax, crack open a beer or three, and join us as we give thanks for another year of enlightening conversations and strange adventures.

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