We start things out by getting some background on Bart Sibrel and how he came upon the Moon Hoax Theory. Bart lays out a variety of political and scientific reasons for why he believes the moon landings were faked. Bart takes us through the history of Moon Hoax theory, where it came from and how it evolved. Bart talks about the psychological barrier that keeps the scientific community from examining Moon Hoax theory. Bart discusses the international scope of the Moon Hoax theory.

Bart responds to the critics and skeptics of Moon Hoax theories and gives his take on the skeptics. Bart discusses anomalies of the Apollo press conference and how he thinks it points to his point of view regarding the moon landing. Bart walks us through the three different camps within Moon Hoax theory research, which one he subscribes to and why he doesn't believe the other two. He explains why newly discovered footage found in his film backs up his point of view on the Moon Hoax.

We discuss the rumours of involvement by Stanley Kubrick in a Moon Hoax conspiracy, including a number of interesting coincidences. Bart responds to whether or not he feels like he is in danger, due to his work. He also tells a story of an astronaut who contacted another Moon Hoax researcher and died three days later. Bart talks about his own interraction with former astronauts (both on and off camera) and gives insight into their reaction to his claims.

Bart tells his side of the story in the infamous moment when Buzz Aldrin punched him. He also makes a startling revelation about his perspective on the punch and who was to blame for the incident. He also talks about the media firestorm that erupted after the footage of the Buzz Aldrin punch hit the airwaves.

Bart gives a percentage change for a whistleblower situation from one of the former Apollo astronauts to declare that they faked the moon landing. We get Bart's perspective on Moon Hoax Theory as the "bastard child" of esoterica. We also find out if Bart has received much support from people within various esoteric fields. We talk about the mainstream media coverage of the Moon Hoax Theory and Bart's thoughts on said coverage.

We talk about the theory that a picture of Apollo artifacts on the moon would settle the Moon Hoax debate and whether or not Bart subscribes to this idea. If pictures were taken of Apollo artifacts on the moon, would Bart change his stance on the Moon Hoax debate.

Bart speculates on where Moon Hoax research needs to go from here and discusses how it is, much like Roswell, a "race with the undertaker". Getting truly speculative, we ask Bart if man could go to the moon "for real" in the future, does he think they'd admit to faking it back in 1969 ? This segues into a discussion of the dangers of the present day plan for a return to the Moon.

We wrap it up by talking about Bart's four films, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon", "Astronauts Gone Wild", the excellent "Apollo 11 Post Flight Press Conference", and "Apollo 11 : Monkey Business". He also talks about his latest project, a text version of the Congressional Report on Apollo 11. Bart finishes up by touching on the recent story of missing Apollo films that was circulating over the Summer and how that story bolsters the Moon Hoax Theory.

Bart previews some potential new film projects, including perhaps a film dealing with Russian cosmonauts.

Bart Sibrel has been making movies for twenty years, during which time he has owned three television production companies and worked for two of the three major networks. His national credits include films for NBC, FOX, CNN, The Nashville Network (TNN), Lifetime, and BET. His top awards from the American Motion Picture Society include Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

His website is www.moonmovie.com

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Bart Sibrel