We start out by getting some background on Peter Davenport and how he came to become interested in the UFO phenomenon in the first place and his evolution as a UFO researcher. We find out the story of how Peter came to become head of the National UFO Reporting Center. He also talks about how the UFO Reporting Center has changed his view of reality.

We discuss any trends that Peter may have noticed from his years of taking UFO reports. Given the advances in technology, is Peter seeing more older cases being reported that had previously gone unreported. He also talks about the phenomenon of people not reporting UFO sightings or being afraid to report UFO sightings.

Peter tells us what is the most pertinent information to gather after a UFO sighting. We find out whether or not modern technology has produced better UFO reports and how modern technology has also hurt the National UFO Reporting Center.

We talk about hoax callers, and hoaxers in general, and what he thinks motivates the hoaxers. Peter also tells a great story of how he dealt with one particular hoaxer who called the hotline. He also talks about the latest idea to try and fend off teenage pranksters who are harassing the NUFORC. On the other end of that spectrum, we ask Peter why more young people aren't gravitating towards Ufology like they were in the past.

Peter talks about some of favorite "best cases" that he's received at the NUFORC, including the Pheonix Lights, the Saint Clair County, Illinois case from January of 2005, an amazing elk abduction by a UFO in 1999 that was seen by 14 witnesses, and quite a few other fascinating cases. We find out what Peter thinks of the "black triangle phenomenon", which has emerged over the last decade or so.

Regarding reports coming from pilots, Peter talks about some of the most memorable cases he has gotten. Does Peter think the chill put over pilots reporting UFOs has begun to thaw. He also talks about an intriguing meeting his had with government officials in 1997.

Peter goes in-depth on the riveting Todd Sees case from 2004, which may have possibly been the first documented human death related to a UFO. He also discusses his proposal for a Passive Radar system to detect UFOs and gives an update on this proposal since it's origination in 2004.

Peter speculates on what the government's role is with regards to the UFO phenomenon. He also talks about the lackluster coverage of the UFO phenomenon by the mainstream media. We also get Peter's take on the ABC UFO special, on which he was featured prominently.

We ask Peter what direction does Ufology, as a science, need to go from here and he gives us his point-by-point take on what developments need to happen for the field to evolve. We find out what Peter's response is to those in Ufology who say we have to move on from "lights in the sky."

We wrap it up with an update on Peter's move to a former ICBM missile site this past Summer and how the listeners can help the National UFO Reporting Center.

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center since July 1994, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where he lived to the age of 14. As a boy, he attended high school in St. Louis, Ethiopia, and New Hampshire.

Peter received his undergraduate education at Stanford University in California, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in both Russian and biology, and a translator’s certificate in Russian. His graduate education was completed at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he earned an M.S. degree in the genetics and biochemistry of fish from the College of Fisheries, as well as an M.B.A. degree in finance and international business from the Graduate School of Business.

Peter has worked as a college instructor, a commercial fisherman, a Russian translator in the Soviet Union, a fisheries observer aboard Soviet fishing vessels, a flight instructor (gliders), and a businessman. Peter was the founding president of a Seattle-based biotechnology company, which, at one time, employed over 300 scientists and technicians.

Peter has had an active interest in the UFO phenomenon from his early boyhood. He experienced his first UFO sighting over the St. Louis municipal airport in the summer of 1954, and he investigated his first UFO case during the summer of 1965 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Peter has been witness to several anomalous events, possibly UFO related, including a dramatic sighting over Baja California in February 1990, and several nighttime sightings over Washington State during 1992.

In addition to being the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter is a current member of MUFON, and is a former Co-State Section Director (King County), and former Director of Investigation, for the Washington State chapter of MUFON.

His website is www.ufocenter.com

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Peter Davenport