Loren Coleman tells us about his presentation on the Dover Demon for the MMM. He also gives us an update on the latest in Bigfoot research since his last appearance on BoA : Audio. Loren talks about the Bridgewater Triangle, what it is and how he first discovered this anomalous area. He next fleshes out the Dover Demon story for us, giving an pretty thorough look at how the story unfolded. Loren tells us about whether the Dover Demon was a one-off incident or if it was part of a larger wave of "demons". Up next, we get Loren's take on the VT school shooting, based on his work "The Copycat Effect". Plus, we'll find out what's coming up from Loren in the near and distant future.

Next is Bridgewater Triangle researcher Chris Balzano. First Chris tells us about his role in the MMM weekend. Then he talks about his evolution as a researcher of Massachusetts esoteric lore. Chris tells us about the Bridgewater Triangle and some of his experiences exploring the triangle area. Chris talks about some of the weird stuff he's seen during his field work researching esoteric mysteries in Massachusetts. Chris tells us about the bizarre "Phantom Clown Phenomenon" that gripped Massachusetts and America in the 1980's. Wrapping it up, Chris previews his new book "Dark Woods", which is due out in February of 2008, and "Ghostly Adventures", due out in the Summer of '08.

Don Keating is our next guest. He first told us about his presentation at the MMM, which pertained to some intriguing footage he shot that may show the White Bigfoot. This leads to a discussion on the White Bigfoot and how Don became interested in this unique aspect of the Bigfoot phenomenon. Don speculates on the question of what separates the White Bigfoot from the rest of the Bigfoot species. Don talks about the "Sasquatch Triangle" in Ohio. Don tells about the creation of the EOBIC in the early 1980's and discusses the evolution of Bigoot research in Ohio over the last 20 plus years. Don talks about how present day Bigfoot research in Ohio is at a crossroads and what he thinks is needed to change that situation. We find out about Don's radio show "The Sasquatch Triangle" and how people can check it out. We wrap it up by finding out how people can find out about and from Don Keating.

Up next was Unidentified Submergable Objects (USOs) expert Carl Feindt. We start out by finding out what made Carl interested in USOs. From there, we discuss why Carl thinks USOs remain on the peripheral of UFO research and public knowledge. We find out what Carl sees as the "textbook" USO case and if the USOs are predominantly just seen in the water or seen making the transition from air to water. Then we talk about the underwater bases theories that have populated UFO lore for generations. Carl then tells us about the phenomenon of physical influences on water by UFOs. This segues into a discussion on instances where UFO occupants have actually requested water from people. Carl tells us about some of the military encounters with USOs. Considering the timeless nature of the UFO phenomenon, Carl confirms the same thing about the USO phenomenon.

Following Carl, we spoke with Don Ledger about his presentation on the Black Triangle Phenomenon @ the Mass UFO Show. Don tells us why he was interested in the BT cases and which one piqued his interest the most. Next we talk about the debate within, and outside, Ufology regarding the BTs: UFO v. secret government craft. He also offers his take on the NIDS study on the BT phenomenon and why he thinks the government isn't working on a BT craft. We explore the chronology of the BT phenomenon, why it seems like they just started appearing in the last few decades, and some interesting BT cases from much earlier than this timeframe. Next Don gives us a thorough look at the Shag Harbour incident, which he researched and co-wrote "Dark Object" with Chris Styles about the incident. Don tells us about his work researching pilot reports of UFOs.

Wrapping up the on-site interviews, we talk with former BoA : Audio guest Chris Styles. He starts out by sharing with us what he was presenting on @ the Mass UFO Show. Chris tells us what the reaction is here in the US to the Shag Harbour story, which occurred in Canada. We talk about Chris being known as the "Shag Harbour guy" and the plusses and minuses of being associated with one specific case. We move on to talk about Chris's fascinating work with "reality transformation" and "controlled witness perception". We also talk about if there has been any follow up from the Canadian government with regards to the Shag Harbour incident. Chris tells us what he's been up to since his BoA : Audio appearance back in June, including his research into another case in PEI, Canada.

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Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash Special