We begin with the bio / background on Charles Upton and how he became interested in the UFO phenomenon. Charles then gives a thumbnail look at metaphysics, which serves as the basis for his interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. Following that, Charles explains the title of his book Cracks in the Great Wall and provides a detailed look at his thesis of what is going on with the UFO phenomenon.

We find out why Charles ascribes a demonic element to the UFO phenomenon and then we discuss the "Hierarchy of Being," which serves as one of the foundations for his UFO work. He goes on to explain how he theorizes that the UFOs exist on a different plane of being from humans and, thus, their ephemeral nature when existing in our five sense world.

We talk about his critique of the concepts of time travel and reincarnation. Charles explains why he sees them as impossible or unreasonable concepts. This segues into Charles speculating on why the concept of time travel has become so popular in today's culture. Upton then details why he thinks the "unseen warfare" hypothesis is a better explanation than a more benevolent motive as far as the proverbial alien agenda is concerned.

From there, we discuss Upton's take on the work of Steven Spielberg, which he opines is actually some kind of UFO-related propaganda. We then find out about Upton's critique of the abduction research work of Dr. John Mack. We find out if Upton's criticisms of Mack's work extend to abduction research as a whole or if it is just limited to Mack's contributions to the field.

Following that, we talk about where Upton sees this whole UFO phenomenon heading, if it is reaching a peak and if that peak will be an armageddon/antichrist type scenario. This leads to some discussion on the overall breakdown of society, UFOs notwithstanding, which Charles has observed. From there, Charles explains why he thinks society is breaking down, why it has accelerated, and how the world, as we know it, may be coming to an end. We also get Upton's take on UFO disclosure and how he sees it fitting into his theory of demonically controlled UFOs.

Playing "Devil's Advocate" (no pun intended), binnall applies Occham's Razor to the UFO phenomenon, getting Upton's take on the idea that UFOs are simply another creation of God visiting Earth. Continuing to play "Devil's Advocate," we get Upton's take on the argument that the metaphysical pontifications of past philosophers is rudimentary and obsolete in today's science-driven society.

We tackle the ultimate question, if we are to be under seige by demons, is God going to bail the human race out? And, is it really the human race's fault that they embrace the proverbial "dark side," considering how they have been led astray by those who were tasked to protect them (government and church, for example) ?

We also discuss the idea that if there are evil forces controlling the UFOs then are they being off-set by good forces. This segues into a discussion on "magic powers" like psychic abilities, and how Charles sees them fitting into his overall worldview.

Heading towards the close, we find out from Charles if he thinks that the humans "pulling the strings" at the highest levels know that they are doing Satan's work or are they largely unaware. We find out what's next for Charles Upton.

Charles Upton was born in 1948 and grew up in Marin County, California. He attended Catholic schools through high school during which time he met Lew Welch who became his mentor and helped him publish two volumes of poetry: Panic Grass and Time Raid. Although he is much younger than most of the Beat poets, these two volumes qualify him for inclusion with the Beats. After the publication of his poems, Charles Upton became involved with the Sanctuary Movement for Central American refugees and New Age dream networking. In the late 1980s, he joined a traditional Sufi order and has since published books about Sufism comparative religion and metaphysics according to the Traditionalist School.

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Charles Upton