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BOA : Audio

Season Finale (Part Two)

David Paulides

(1 Hour, 12 Minutes)

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In the second of our two Season 8 finale episodes and featuring one of the most requested BoA:Audio guests in recent years, we are joined by groundbreaking researcher David Paulides for a long overdue discussion on his Missing 411 series of books and the unsettling revelations they have produced. In this breakneck conversation, we delve into the origins of David's research and the challenges it presents, odd patterns which have emerged from the 1,200 cases that he has collected, and what may be discerned from this troubling spate of disappearances.

Along the way, David details five astounding cases from his latest book, Missing 411: The Devil's in the Details, which feature a variety of eerie attributes that will have listeners both frightened and flummoxed as we examine the mystifying 'Missing 411 phenomenon.'

The first part of our dual episode Season 8 Finale, featuring Adam Davies and Lori Simmons talking about the secret Dr. Sykes Bigfoot Expedition can be found here.

Highlights: We kick things off with the standard bio / background on David Paulides and he shares the story of how was encouraged to research missing people in National Parks, which led to his groundbreaking 'Missing 411' work. This leads to some talk about how David is receiving more strange cases as his work gets more publicity. David then reflects on the challenge of avoiding conclusions as to what may be behind these mysterious disappearances as well as some trends which have emerged via the collection of a vast amount of cases. We also talk about David's database of cases, in general.

Next we get into specific cases, beginning with the Haley Zega disappearance from April 2001, where a young girl went missing for over three days and was discovered, alive, two miles from where she was last seen. Compounding the bizarre nature of this case, David details how Zega claimed to have had "help" during his disappearance and described another young girl who kept her safe. In light of the time has passed, we find out if anyone has tried to find out, since, if Zega recollects her interaction with this mysterious 'helper.' We also hear about how, when lost kids are found following their mysterious disappearance, their eyes appear very strange.

Following that, we hear about Cullen Finnerty, who disappeared in May of 2013, and was a tough, former college quarterback. David details how Finnerty called his wife to describe being followed by "two men" and told her he was, for no apparent reason, taking off his clothes. David goes on to reveal the very eerie GPS findings from Finnerty's phone which made the case even more baffling. The next case discussed in Megumi Yamamoto, who also had some strange phone issues during her disappearance in June of 2011. David recounts this harrowing tale and talks about how Yamamoto's ultimate demise seems chillingly predestined.

Connecting the Finnerty and Yamamoto cases, we talk about the possibility that the proliferation of cell phone technology will allow for new data that may help lend some insights into these mysterious disappearances. This leads us into talking about the disappearance of Christopher Harvey in July of 1984 and how David's attempts to get information from the law enforcement investigators were met with strident stonewalling from authorities. David also talks about how his attempts to receive documents via FOIA requests submitted to the National Parks Department have been met with massive fee demands.

Nearing the close of the conversation, we talk about the 'Missing 411 phenomenon' has bloomed into a massive story over the last three years as more and more cases come to light. Wrapping up the discussion of cases found in David's latest book, we learn about Keith Reinhard, who was looking into a missing person case and then also went missing and subsequently died. Looking ahead to the future of David's research, we encourage BoA:Audio listeners to sign the petition calling for more accountability from the National Parks with regards to missing person cases.

Closing out the show, we find out what's next for David as his 'Missing 411' research continues and if he has ever felt fearful for researching such an unsettling phenomenon. Noteworthy to folks who want to pick up David's books, the ideal source for the Missing 411 series of books is his website, canammissing.com, rather than at Amazon, which has inflated the prices on these outstanding books.

David Paulides Bio

Dave Paulides holds two degrees from the University of San Francisco, and has a professional background that includes twenty years in law enforcement and senior executive positions in the technology sector. A boyhood camping experience with his father in the late 1960s sparked his interest in Bigfoot. In 2004 he was one of the founders of North America Bigfoot Search where his investigative and analytical experiences were invaluable in researching Bigfoot sightings. He spent two years living among the Hoopa tribal members, listening to and recording their Bigfoot stories. The Hoopa Project is his first book, based upon his experiences in the Bluff Creek area of Northern California.

His website is canammissing.com


Thus concludes BoA:Audio, Season 8

Thanks to the amazing array of enlightening guests who appeared on the program throughout Season 8. Thanks to the tremendous BoA staff and all the folks who made donations to help keep the BoA franchise financially solvent. And, of course, enormous thanks to all of YOU, the BoA:Audio listening audience. Your enduring support of the program is hugely appreciated and the reason why we've managed to survive eight years and are looking ahead to our 9th season!

On that note, BoA:Audio, Season Nine will premiere in January of 2015.

However, in the interim, we plan to bring you our traditional November and December holiday episodes, beginning with Ruxgiving, starring Bruce Rux, around Thanksgiving and, of course, the 10th Annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman sometime around mid-December.

Stay tuned, my friends, because the best is yet to come!

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