We start it out by finding out about Dennis's life, leading up to his son's tragic death. Dennis talks about how the loss of his son reawakened his interest in the afterlife. He talks about how this re-awakening was fueled on by numerous serendipitous events in his life.

He details his "number theory", which he believes to be a means of communication between he and his son. Has Dennis discovered a "number connection" from other people and their departed loved ones ? Dennis relates the story of a specific animal that he associates with communication from his son and how it turns up in unique circumstances. He also talks about how he utilizes dreams to guide him towards his communication with those "on the other side" and how he performed a test to see if there may be some connection there.

Dennis tells us why he continues, to this day, to visit mediums to communicate with those who have passed on. We find out what Dennis says to the skeptics of his story. He talks about how his research was influenced by well known mediums Suzanne Northrop and John Holland. He responds to critics who say that as these well known mediums get to know him, there readings become corrupted by foreknowledge. He also talks about how one can determine who is a good medium and who may not be legitimate.

We talk about the general atmosphere of a medium's seminar and what the reaction is when audience members don't get a reading.

He relates an amazing story about a strange vision he had and how it possibly came via the spirit world. Does Dennis recommend people pre-choose a number or animal to use as a symbol for post-death communication with still-living loved ones?

As an author, how did Dennis feel about writing his story in the first person, as opposed to a third person book on his discoveries. He talks about some of his experiences selling his book at a kiosk at a mall. He also details the virtual cemetary at his website and the goals behind it. He details the journey of the book, itself, as it evolved as an idea over time. He also tells the fascinating story of how his book is "co-authored" with his deceased son. He also tells us the ultimate goal of his book. And he previews his second book and where the story goes in the next installment, including a stunning new revelation he gained from a reading this past April.

I presently live in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle metropolitan area, with my wife Wanda. We've been married over twenty-seven years. Since we were both previously divorced, we have four children between us. One passed away in early 1993 and is the subject of the book, "My Search For the Afterlife," while the other three are grown and living their own lives in the surrounding area.

My current book, "MY SEARTH FOR THE AFTERLIFE A Trail of Clues," is a result of the devastating effect when a parent loses a child. Unless you're a parent who has suffered a similar loss, one can't imagine the emotions a family goes through in dealing with this grief. After a few years, I became determined to find my son in the afterlife. I kept a log throughout my journey. What I found during my search, and continue to find on a regular basis, has turned my life around and allowed me to find what I perceive as...my purpose in life.

His website is www.sean39s-corner.com

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Dennis Spaulding