In this week's installment, we discuss how Melinda got into studying abductions and the evolution of that investigation towards government interaction with ET abductees, the term "MILAB" (Military Abduction), how it applies to this phenomenon, the history of the term, and Leslie's interpretation of it. We cover the varying degrees of covert military surveilance of abductees, ranging from basic harassment, to re-abduction, to the "minders", and many other strange and frightening hallmarks of the MILAB phenomenon.

Melinda reveals and discusses the two main things the "black ops" attempt to glean from abductees along with the astounding trend of re-abductions occurring soon after an ET abduction, often before an abductee comes forward or is sure they were even abducted. What are the general traits for abductees who are re-abducted, how we can use "reverse engineer" re-abductions to determine where the cover-up stands, and why, based on the numbers, government interaction with ET abductees is probable.

The effect MILABs have on the ET abductions and whether it puts a stop to them is also a topic of conversation. Melinda enlightens us as to how the MILAB research has evolved, leading towards how the government may be "reverse engineering" via the abductees. She also recounts various accounts from MILAB victims of ETs and humans working together during a re-abduction and the difference, from the abductees' point of view, on what is worse, MILABs or the actual ET abduction. Plus, much much more.

Melinda Leslie has investigated "covert intelligence" involvement in abductions for 12 years, conducting over 40 interviews of experiencers and researchers of this troubling phenomenon. For many years Melinda was the director of two experiencer support groups and the director of a monthly lecture series for nine years, presenting nearly 100 speakers. Melinda was Associate Producer of the 1994 UFO Expo West conferences, has lectured on her area of expertise at numerous conferences and been a guest on many radio and television talk shows.

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Melinda Leslie

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