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BoA's Summer of Strangeness continues as we welcome Fortean writer Allison Jornlin about the many realms of the paranormal that she has researched over the years. Specifically, we learn about her investigation into the purported 'Chicago Mothman' case and how her boots-on-the-ground examination of reports from the region showed a number of inconsistencies and questionable claims which make the entire tale rather suspect. She also details how her attempts to correlate the reports wound up causing some consternation from some corners of the paranormal world. We also talk about her new YouTube project Paranormal Women: A Hidden History which aims to showcase pioneering women in the world of the paranormal like Catherine Crowe, Alexandra David-Neel, and Zora Neale Hurston. And we talk about her founding of the first ghost tour in Milwaukee, which spawned American Ghost Walks, which offers similar tours in cities around the country. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

Next week: Friday, 9/4/20 @ 9 PM - Adam Sayne & Serfiel Stevenson of the Strange Realities Conference

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