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Melinda Leslie

(1 Hour, 52 Minutes)

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Returning to BoA:Audio for the first time since Season One, pioneering MILAB researcher Melinda Leslie joins us for a LIVE edition of the program where we get an update on her work and what she's been up to after all these years. Over the course of the conversation, we hear about Melinda's work with organizing UFO-spotting tours using night vision goggles as well as the dark turn the MILAB phenomenon has seemingly taken as her research has gotten deeper. She tells us about government harassment of abductees and how it sometimes leads to abductees being recruited by the government for clandestine operations that range from the sinister to the fantastic.

Highlights: We kick things off by having Melinda revisit her bio / background for folks who haven't heard her previously on BoA:Audio. This leads to her telling us about her latest venture: UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona. Melinda discusses how her tours use high-grade night vision glasses to see spot UFOs and, after 300 tours, have amassed a stunning 3,000 different UFOs seen. She also explains why these sightings are not satellites, shooting stars, birds, bats, or bugs. Melinda also talks about why Sedona is an ideal location for such a venture.

She also details how attempts have been made to contact these craft and resulted in some remarkable responses from the objects. This turns into Melinda telling us about reports of strange encounters with MIB-type people in the canyons of Sedona. From there, we dive into Melinda's work with the MILAB phenomenon, beginning with her providing us with a thumbnail definition of a MILAB and how that also encompasses covert targeting of UFO researchers by clandestine human agencies.

We then dig into a large portion of the conversation as we discuss, in depth, the MILAB Program Development Curve (as seen in the graphic provided by Melinda), where she covers the various scenarios that seem to befall UFO abductees:

Melinda talks about the many pre-abduction events which seem to lay the ground work for someone ultimately being abducted, such as the multi-generational aspect of abduction as well as psychic connections or UFO sightings. Melinda also discusses how many MILAB victims have a family history within the world of covert operations and black ops-type programs.

Following along the stages which happen to MILAB victims, Melinda reflects on the extensive nature of surveillance and harassment which afflicts abductees after they return home from their experience. This leads to a side discussion where Melinda talks about her own history as a victim of MILABs and what the response to her work from the UFO research community has been.

The conversation then turns to the ultimate agenda which seems to be behind MILABS: gleaning information about the ETs and their technology via the abductees. From there, we hear about instances where abductees were recruited by the government to work with or communicate with ETs as well as other tales of abductees being utilized by the government for nefarious purposes.

We also learn about how some former abductees end up helping on future MILAB events for the government or acting as a spy to glean additional information out of the ETs. Next, Melinda details MILAB victims who end up becoming 'super soldiers,' either by duress or voluntary, and perform clandestine military functions for the government.

In keeping with the super soldier discussion, Melinda shares the bizarre story of a man who was recruited into a program and ended up experiencing a full year of 'missing time.' We also learn about how some believe we are involved in a covert ET war and, thus, have no qualms about going from an abductee to working with the government.

Nearing the end of the conversation, Melinda talks about instances where MILAB victims claim they were used in some kind of secret time travel projects being performed by the government. In light of Melinda's psychic abilities, we find out if she has ever applied her talents to looking at the phenomenon to gain some additional insights.

Closing out the program, Melinda speculates as to what may be behind the UFO and abduction phenomenon, including where it may ultimately be leading. This also turns into some talk about disclosure and how there are elements within the corporate culture which desire keeping UFOs a secret because they generate enormous money. Wrapping up the program, we learn about Melinda's upcoming appearance in Las Vegas for the Super Soldier Summit.

Melinda Leslie Bio

Melinda Leslie has been a researcher and investigator in the field of ufology for over 25 years. She is the Director of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, conducting 300 tours with the use of military Generation III Night Vision Goggle equipment, vortex tours, psychic and mediumship consultations, and teaches a class on how to bend metal with your mind (Psychokinesis). Melinda is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 24 years.

She has researched a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abductions for 22 years and her research and personal experiences have been featured in 15 books. Melinda has interviewed over 100 abductees with experiences of harassment, surveillance, and re-abduction, with her primary focus being to assist the abductees and gathering and documenting evidence. She has over 33 years of experience as a professional psychic and as a teacher of psychic development. Her readings assist clients with clear transformative information for their lives and validation in making contact with loved ones who have passed.

You can find out more from Melinda Leslie at sedonanewagestore.com/melinda

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