We kick things off with the 2009 BoA:Audio Baseball Champion Loren Coleman celebrating his victory in the 2009 competition and to preview the upcoming 2010 season for the Boston Red Sox. We also look at the outlook for Boston's rival New York Yankees. We also get Loren's perspective on how the steroids story has continued to unfold. Loren speculates on where the "big surprises" may happen in the upcoming season as well as teams that may make the most improvement. He also shares his predictions for the 2010 contest. Wrapping up Loren's appearance, we get a preview of what he's working on right now.

Up next, "crackpot historian" Adam Gorightly for a discussion on his beloved San Francisco Giants. He speculates on how the team looks heading into the 2010 season and reflects on their off-season moves. In keeping with tradition, he debuts his newest prediction method, which looks to be stronger than ever. And, in keeping with contractual obligations, we cover the NBA and how Gorightly's Lakers looks poised to win the championship again while Binnall's Celtics have folded like a cheap suit.

Newcomer to the Baseball Special, Jason Offutt makes his debut on the annual festivus with a lengthy conversation about the Kansas City Royals. Jason shares the tale of being in attendance for Bret Saberhagen's 1991 no-hitter. We then have Jason reflect on when things went wrong for the Kansas City Royals, who were once a contending team but have fallen on hard times in recent years. Jason also talks about the geographic fanbase of the Royals and how they once had an even bigger fanbase before expansion teams. Jason reflects on the Royals decision to stay in the American League after being offered the chance to go to the NL. Jason looks ahead to the 2010 season and how he thinks the Royals will fare and updates us on Alex Gordon, who was once thought to be a future star for the team but has yet to live up to his potential. Jason also recalls his days working as a food vendor at Royals Stadium in the 1980's. Closing things out we get Jason's predictions for the 2010 contest.

Up next, historian and Ufologist Richard Dolan steps up to the plate next to celebrate the World Series victory for his beloved New York Yankees. Richard also shares his take on the departure of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui from the Yankees and the addition of Curtis Granderson. Richard gives his take on the last year in the longstanding steroid saga that has plagued the sport. Richard also weighs in with a surprising analysis of the instant replay debate and talks about the issue of game length which has become an issue in recent years. Closing out the baseball discussion, Richard gives us his picks for the 2010 baseball season. Closing things out we find out what's next for Richard Dolan including upcoming books and a TV series that he is working on developing.

Filmaker and esoteric pundit Paul Kimball joins us almost-live from Canada to reflect on the past year's major transactions during baseball's off-season, most notably the trade of Roy Halladay from Toronto. This leads to some discussion on where things went wrong for the Toronto Blue Jays, who were once a powerhouse team. A longtime Red Sox fan, Kimball also gives his prognosis on Boston's chances in 2010 as well as addresses what he sees as an "existential crisis" facing the Sox in light of the Yankee's return to the top of the mountain. Paul looks at what teams he sees as potential "break out" teams in 2010. He also put forward his predictions for the 2010 season. Closing out the segment, we find out what's next for Paul Kimball and get his take, as a filmmaker, on the 3D movie explosion of the last year and what it means for the film industry.

Pulling himself out of a sickbed, longtime BoA:Audio friend Greg Bishop returns to the program to talk about his LA Dodgers. He reflects on the Dodgers' off-season, which was marred by a lack of big moves due to their owner's divorce keeping the team from making any notable transactions. He also looks at the Dodgers' NL West competition in the Rockies and Giants. We also get Greg's perspective on Manny Ramirez testing positive for performance enhancing drugs and, thus, missing 50 games for the Dodgers last season. A frequent attendee at a number of Dodger games each year, Greg shares his schedule for 2010 and which games he will be attending. He also shares some memories from the games he attended last year and also speculates on the future of Joe Torre in LA. Wrapping things up, we get Greg's predictions for the 2010 MLB season.

Rounding out the special, we welcome usofe.com's MYSTERYMAN, who scored an astounding 7 out of 11 in last year's competition, besting all esoteric superstars and earning his place on the 2010 Baseball festivus. MM reflects on his historic showing in the 2009 prediction competition and tells us about his history of being a NY Yankee fan. MM reflects on the departures of Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damn from the Yankees. He also shares a tip on an up and coming Yankee prospect that he thinks could be a difference maker for the team in 2010. As a native New Yorker, MM tells us what the difference is between a Mets fan and a Yankee fan. He also shares his thoughts on the new Yankee Stadium. Hoping to put in another stellar showing, MM gives us his predictions for the 2010 season as well.

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