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David Weatherly

(2 Hours, 30 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio examines the bizarre and chilling Black Eyed Kids phenomenon which has recently emerged from the world of the paranormal as we welcome David Weatherly, author of the book The Black Eyed Children. Over the course of this lengthy conversation, we'll discuss how the Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) enigma first burst onto the scene of esoterica, some of the truly mindbending aspects associated with the phenomenon including strange smells, hypnotic effects, and potential psychic abilities, and we'll look at how BEKs compare and contrast with various other paranormal entities, like aliens, ghosts, demons, and MIBs. Additionally, we'll hear a number terrifying and troubling stories of BEK encounters.

It is a comprehensive and compelling conversation which aims to pull the curtain back on the furtive and frightening Black Eyed Kids phenomenon with accomplished esoteric researcher David Weatherly.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the bio / background on David Weatherly and find out about his evolution as a paranormal researcher as well as how the ended up researching the Black Eyed Kids. David recounts how his friend, who was a paranormal skeptic, confided his own personal BEK encounter story to him and how that led to the start of his research into the phenomena. This leads to us finding out how David collected stories for the book and approximately how many stories he's collected over the years.

Next we start looking at some of the trends and themes which have emerged from BEK encounters, beginning with reports of an incredibly foul odor that lingers following a 'visit' from the kids. David also talks about how the BEKs don't just appear at houses, but have been reported approaching cars, businesses, and even a boat. We then examine the oddness of how the BEKs seem to depend on being invited into their targeted location. David then tells us about his goals in researching the BEKs, including his attempts to find reports that pre-date the proverbial 'boom' in BEK interest.

Regarding the history of BEKs, David reflects on the difficulty in finding these cases, since the nomenclature hadn't been established yet. We also discuss how there are numerous outliers attached to the BEK tales where it remains difficult to find a 'textbook' case. To that end, David talks about people who have either touched, or been touched by, one of these black eyed kids. In light of witnesses' fears to talk about the BEKs, we learn if David has had any weird happenings befall him since he began his work researching and documenting the BEKs.

We then have David recount one story, found in the book, which shows how the BEKs may have some kind of psychic abilities. We also learn if there are cases where multiple witnesses have encounters with the black eyed kids. Next, David shares another bizarre and chilling story from the book, where a BEK was actually invited into a car by a child and the troubling fallout from the incident. Additionally, David shares some details on another case of a BEK being 'invited in' and some of the trouble which resulted.

Looking at some of the similarities between BEKs and other paranormal phenomena, David discusses how black eyed kids seem to resemble the behavior of Men in Black, such as their confusion over modern technology. We also find out if there have been encounters between black eyed kids and children as well as BEKs and pets. David shares the story of a man in Dallas who was visited by the BEKs and had his pitbull charge at them and then run off in apparent terror. In search of insights into the BEK phenomena, we find out if David has heard anything from psychics regarding black eyed kids.

We also find out about cases where security cameras were present during a BEK encounter and David tells us about what, if any, the footage showed. Looking at the phenomena as a whole, we ponder whether BEKs may be some form of elemental being and David talks about how readers of his book have interpreted the entities to be a variety of potential paranormal phenomena. We also speculate on why, seemingly all ofa sudden, the BEK encounters appear to be on the rise. On that note, we talk about the possibility that BEKs are some kind of thought form or tulpa and that the rise in appearances is driven by the rise in awareness of the phenomena.

David also discusses how BEKs often appear to people in positions of authority and he ponders what that may say about the phenomenon. Staying within the realm of the possibility that BEKs are mind projections, David talks about the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, where a fictional ghost has been 'seen' by people for years. He also talks about a case that John Keel investigated where a house was haunted by the creator of The Shadow and, in later years, the character appeared to have a presence in the house.

Regarding the nature of BEKs, we discuss whether or not they are ETs or hybrids and David talks about how that seems to be an overwhelming belief by many who follow the phenomena. This leads to David sharing his opinion of the UFO phenomenon, in general. We then look another recurring theme of BEK encounters and that is how they seem to exert some kind of hypnotic control over the witnesses, perhaps in an attempt to force them to invite them inside. David also talks about how these 'children' may simply be projections used by entities that feed off of fear.

Getting meta on the topic, we find out why David refers to BEK witnesses as 'victims' rather than a more neutral or positive descriptor. We then learn about how victims of BEK encounters often have recurring nightmares or long-term stress as a result of their experience. This leads to us lamenting how difficult it is to study the black eyed kid phenomena, since it almost entirely relies on witness encounters. David talks about one case in London where a man encountered a pair of black eyed kids, turned around, and a third kid suddenly appeared.

David shares the story of one woman who began having memories of encountering the black eyed kids and underwent hypnosis to see if her memories were real or not. This leads us to talking about the theories that the BEKs are actually some kind of demonic entity, since they appear to follow certain demonic 'rules' and no religious figures have reported encounters with the BEKs. This leads to us reflecting on the possibility that these BEKs are actually positive agents of change, since many victims end up embracing religion following their experience.

Moving away from the black eyed kids, we find out what other genres and topics David has researched during his thirty year career looking a high strangeness. David talks about the importance of having an understanding of all paranormal genres, rather than having a specialization, and his interest in 'window zones,' where multiple forms of weirdness occur, such as at the Superstition Mountains. David also reflects on the changing perception of the paranormal in the mainstream and how people are far more open to discussing the topic as well as sharing their experiences.

Our conversation then turns towards David's work studying crystal skulls and he tells us about how he first got interested in the topic. We talk about the potential to use psychometry to understand the background of a particular crystal skull and attempt to unlock the secrets hidden within it. David also talks about some of the strange things that happen to people when they come into contact with a crystal skull, such as healing or receiving personal information that leads to a transformative experience.

Heading towards the close, we find out about David's next book Strange Intruders and what sort of areas he'll discuss in the new tome. To that end, David tells us about the entity known as 'The Grinning Man.' We also circle back around to the BEK phenomenon by finding out about Black Eyed Adults and find get David's take on where they fit into the contrast from the Black Eyed Kids. We also talk about an emerging phenomenon of cases where people have their eyes turn from 'normal' to solid black. Wrapping things up, we find out what else is next for David Weatherly, including appearances later this year as well as other book projects.

David Weatherly Bio

David Weatherly is a paranormal investigator and author. For over 35 years he has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written and lectured on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, ufology and hauntings. David has also studied shamanic and magical traditions with elders from numerous cultures including Europe, Tibet, Native America, and Africa. He has appeared on numerous radio programs including: Darkness Radio, Project White Paper, Haunted South and Paranormal Live. He is a writer for Intrepid Magazine and is the author of "The Black Eyed Children."

His website is twocrowsparanormal.blogspot.com

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