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John Rhodes

(2 Hours, 45 Minutes)

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Getting back to our esoteric roots, BoA:Audio welcomes paranormal pioneer John Rhodes for a discussion on his groundbreaking work studying the Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis or, as it is more commonly known, 'reptilians.' Over the course of this mind-bending conversation, we'll learn about how John first discovered stories of reptoids and ended up forming the TRH, the mainstream reputation and depiction of reptilians versus the information he has collected on the phenomenon, and how his reptoids theories fit into the overall paranormal landscape. Additionally, we'll hear about underground bases, John's MIB encounter, cattle mutilations, and government tinkering with UFO researchers. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

This is an absolute barnburner edition of the program where we explore one of the most controversial and remarkable theories in all of the paranormal world, the terrestrial reptoid hypothesis, with the man who has spent the last twenty years on the trail of the reptilians: John Rhodes.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the bio / background on John Rhodes and find out how he became interested in the reptilian theory. He traces his evolution from first hearing these stories to becoming an active researcher trying to unlock the reptilian enigma and then having his own paranormal experiences during this investigation. John also reflects on the explosion of interest his reptilian work spawned and how his ideas became co-opted into spurious theories which contend that the entities are entirely evil. On the contrary, he suggests that these reptilians may actually be the military and science specialists of an alien race.

John then muses about how those 'in the know' about the paranormal are better prepared for revelations about it than people who cling to our present reality. He also speculates on the possibility of an ET conditioning process at work and notes how his research indicates that the vast majority of reptilian encounters are positive or neutral and not evil. John then talks about how the perception of reptilians may be changing and also discusses the religious and psychological components to the reptilian phenomenon. He then shares a story of a murder in Arizona that may have been connected to the subliminal implications of someone being exposed to the vilification of reptilians.

We circle back to the Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis (TRH), itself, and have John give us a thumbnail look at the specifics of this theory. He details the 'dinosauroid' concept and how it informs the reptilian theory. He then makes the case that birds split off from dinosaurs and how that allows for the possibility of reptilians doing the same. John also connects the reptilian theory with the jinn as well as the Hollow Earth theory. In light of John's TRH research, we find out where he thinks the grey aliens fit into the hierarchy of entities and if there may be an agreement amongst the non-human intelligences to keep humans in the dark about their existence.

John then points to how the terrestrial nature of the reptilians actually allows for answers to some of the more contentious responses skeptics have about UFOs. Getting meta on the reptoid theory, we get John's take on how the concept has been the subject of tremendous ridicule over the years and find out how he feels about that since he pioneered much of the early research. This leads into John's contention that his appearance on UFO Hunters discussing underground facilities resulted in a subsequent counter-intelligence operation in the media. We reflect on how the mainstream media gives some credence to ETs, even if to ridicule the idea, but never touches the concept of intelligent races already here.

Next, we have John explain where he believes humans fit into the hierarchy of the TRH and if there is a genetic relationship between humans and reptoids. In light of John's twenty years of research, we get a ballpark estimation on how many reptoid encounters he has received and he tells us about the 'typical' story. This segues into discussion on eidetic overlay as well as communication via symbology by the reptoids including one story about a person who was hit by a plasma version of these communications and became extremely interested in laser optics. In light of John's plentiful number of reptoid reports, we find out what the extent of reptilian / human communication has been and what some of those conversations entailed.

John talks about how human women have particularly potent encounters with reptoids and this leads to some discussion on the depth of John's information and how he holds some of it back from the public for research purposes. He also make a stunning claim about the benefits of this practice. This segues into us finding out if John has even been threatened because of his reptoid research and he shares his insights into avoiding backlash from the 'powers that be.' Additionally, he suggests a potentially revelatory concept to glean more paranormal information from witnesses. John then shares the story of his encounter with an MIB which culminates in the belief that his house is rigged with cameras.

We continue talking about John's bizarre experiences and research continues as he recounts investigating the Grand Canyon caverns and being 'threatened' by a pair of mysterious figures. He also recalls weird things that happened when he appeared on various TV shows including the potential manipulation of jury duty summons. Global warming then develops as a topic of discussion and how weather changes and solar phenomena may fuel some kind of paranormal breakthrough as 'everything is up for grabs' which could lead to a One World Order. We then talk about the now-antiquated phenomenon that was the end of the Mayan Calendar as well as John's thoughts on the potential for solar activity to disrupt human DNA and he speculates on how that is what fueled the Renaissance.

Bringing the conversation back to the reptoids, John reflects on the 'messages' of urgency imparted by the beings, how he interprets them, and why he advocates preparedness since the government appears to be doing so. This leads to John speculating on the potential for vast, secret underground cities beneath the surface of the United States created by the government. We run with this speculation for a bit and theorize on how such a scenario could possible happen.

Going down a different road, John tells us about his research into the cattle mutilation phenomenon and he shares his theories on what is behind the enigma. He speculates on how the phenomenon is connected to the human food chain and veterinarian pathology. John also shares a tip for paranormal researchers which he believes is a good way of determining additional information. Based on his investigation into the reptoids, we find out from John how much he thinks the government knows about these entities.

Getting deeper into this jam session, we ponder the possibility that an alien 'invasion' could be an event actually caused by nefarious and secret dealings done by the US government. John also revisits his childhood and talks about how that led him into becoming a pioneering paranormal researcher as well as some reflections on the chicanery he's seen in the world of UFO research. Since so many other people in Ufology have co-opted the reptoids, we find out why John still has yet to write the definitive book on the subject.

Heading towards the close, John reads a telex from the CIA where they talked about Japan's studying of the paranormal with the aim towards harnessing it for industrial purposes. This leads to John talking about auras and how the ability to see auras would change the world. He then shares a stunning story about how he harnessed the ability to see auras during a meditation session and he shares the technique with the listeners for their own potential use. Closing out the program, we find out what's next for John Rhodes.

John Rhodes Bio

John Rhodes, a.k.a. the CryptoHunter, is one of America's most outspoken and controversial UFO researchers. He is known around the world for his pioneering work researching reports of Reptilian Humanoid ( Reptoid ) contacts and his out-of-the-box perspective regarding UFOs, Alien Encounters, the Hollow Earth, Secret Government technologies and subsurface facilities. John has been a featured speaker at national and international UFO conferences and his research discoveries have served as platforms for the beliefs of many other notable UFO/Conspiracy speakers and authors. He also acts as a professional consultant for literary and broadcast industry projects dealing with UFO related subjects.

His website is reptoids.com

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