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Phil Imbrogno

(2 Hours, 11 Minutes)

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One of the most frequently requested guests by BoA:Audio listeners over the years, the legendary Phil Imbrogno finally arrives on the program for a nearly two-hour interview on his latest book Ultraterrestrial Contact. In this conversation, we'll cover Phil's lengthy career examining UFOs and high strangeness events, how his philosophy on the paranormal has evolved over the years, and how he sees this enigmatic field today. Along the way, we'll discuss the Hudson Valley UFO flap, reptilians, channeling (specifically the mind-blowing case of Dean Fagerstrom), the jinn, 2012, and a plethora of other 'fringe' areas which may hold the key to unlocking many paranormal mysteries.

Truly an episode of BoA:Audio that will have you pondering the very nature of the paranormal, as we examine a number of esoteric outliers with Phil Imbrogno, a true maverick of high strangeness research.

Full Preview: We kick things off by scratching at the surface of Phil's remarkable career studying high strangeness by finding out what originally sparked his interest and how his career as an investigator evolved over three decades in the paranormal trenches. Phil provides a fascinating glimpse of what the UFO research scene was like in the mid-1970's when he first became actively involved in UFO studies. We then discuss Phil's transformation from a 'nuts and bolts' mindset to something more akin to examining the paranormal aspects of UFOs. This leads to some discussion on the difficulties in using 'mainstream' science to study the UFO phenomenon.

The conversation then turns towards the need to abandon specialization in paranormal research and begin connecting all the genres into a more unified field. This leads to some discussion on the potential benefits of giving a closer examination to UFO witnesses and how they react to their paranormal encounter. Diving in to some of the topics found in Phil's latest book, we talk about the apparent change in UFO shape from classic 'flying saucers' to black triangles and what that change might signify.

We then examine one bizarre trend that Phil's research has uncovered: that encounters with reptilians are surprisingly more prevalent than 'mainstream' Ufology and abduction research seem to suggest. This leads to some discussion on Nordics as well as why Reptilians seem to veritably under reported in UFO literature. This leads to some discussion on the importance of outlier cases in Ufology as well as some insight into the origins of Phil's study of the Stone Chambers of Hudson Valley. This leads to us talking about how the insights of the Native Americans may be critical to finding fresh clues as to the nature of paranormal mysteries.

Next we look at Phil's research into the controversial and enigmatic area of channeling. Specifically, he talks about his investigation of Dean Fagerstrom, who allegedly channeled amazingly detailed technical diagrams as well as other remarkable information from some mysterious entity named 'Donestra.' In classic BoA:Audio style, we turn the floor over to Phil as he goes in-depth on detailing this mind-blowing case and provides some tremendous first-hand information on Fagerstrom's stunning revelations and abilities apparently gleaned from channeling. Following that, Phil talks about some of the issues he has with channeling that make the practice suspect. He also shares the tale of how 'Donestra' appeared at a completely separate channeling session to 'personally' issue a bizarre warning to Phil.

Our discussion then turns towards the research of the late John Keel, who was Phil's friend, and how Phil's research differs from Keel's work. Phil also shares some hilarious observations from Keel about the world of UFO studies. This turns to some talk about the world of Ufology and Phil talks about what would be an ideal method of unlocking the phenomenon and how a similar concept had already been tried in the past.

Looking at Phil's ongoing research into the jinn, we specifically target the rumor, which Phil has heard on a handful of occasions, that the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United States are actively trying to capture an interdimensional being. This tangent ends with us discussing the idea of a secret faction within the government that looks at the paranormal and Phil shares some stories that suggest elements of this concept. We also find out about Phil's investigation into Steward Airport, where suspicious, surreptitious events seemed to be taking place in the past, including massive shipments of cattle being sent there.

Hearing another story from Phil's remarkable past, we find out about a strange phone call and documents he received, in the 1980's, from someone allegedly in the military and, ironically, said to be calling from Burlington, Massachusetts, which is the home of BoA HQ. Phil reveals how one of the items found amongst the documents revealed that the government had intercepted mail that was sent to a UFO researcher. Given Phil's lengthy career investigating UFOs, we have him speculate on how much the government really knows about UFOs and the paranormal.

Heading towards the close, our conversation then journeys into the concept of 'disclosure' and how it fits into the paradigm of the paranormal that Phil sees. We also then look at 2012 as well as the concept of a 'quickening' and what Phil thinks of these ideas. We also find out about Phil's appearance on Oprah back when she was first starting out and before she became famous. This leads to some general discussion on the problems of Ufology and the paranormal, while Phil shares some stories of dealing with the new world of paranormal reality shows. Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Phil Imbrogno, including a number of tantalizing books due out over the next year.

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