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In keeping with tradition, BoA closes the book on the past year with our annual year-in-review special with Greg Bishop. Over the course of this marathon conversation, we look back at all of the paranormal happenings of 2019, beginning with the big stories from the UFO World centered around TTSA, the Tic Tac video, the transformation of ufology, and how UFOs have seemingly become mainstream, for now. Beyond that, we discuss this past year's developments when it comes to Bigfoot, Yeti, the Amelia Earhart case, the Dyatlov Pass case, a crop circle flap in France, one of the prime DB Cooper suspects passing away, the deaths of Stanton Friedman, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Tracy Twyman, and a few other well-known folks from the esoteric world. We also look back on the 2010s and some of the big stories from the past decade as well predictions for what will be hot and what will be cold in 2020.

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