Review : "Becoming Gods" by James Gilliland


"Becoming Gods" is the culmination of 20 years of the experiences of James Gilliland, a former real estate mogul who suffered a near-death experience long ago and has since become aware of many amazing elements of the world around us. After studying at the Tibetan Foundation, Gilliland came into contact, consciously, with the Biblical figure Ezekial, here known as Cazekiel. It was through this conscious contact that Gilliland penned "Becoming Gods : A Reunion with Source" after an 8 year period transcribing messages from Cazekiel.

At first glance, this sounds like another Nancy Lieder situation of a contactee with no verifiable proof writing a book full of doom and gloom and frightening premonitions for the future. However, Gilliland and Cazekiel instead bring a message of incredible love.

Becoming Gods

The book packs an emotional punch in it's repeditive empowering message. The main theme of the book is everyone has God within them, that consciousness is God, and that one can awaken this God spirit and reconnect with a mass consciousness around them. The beginning of the book is a review, from Cazekiel's point of view, of creation and the makeup of our physical world as we know it. It details various religious elements of society and history and explains them in detail with the pricipals of "God is within us" in mind. From there it details impending Earth Changes, which are predicted from just about every futurist, psychic, remote viewer, and ponderer of what is to come.

The third section of the book goes into discussing various aspects of our everday lives such as money, computers, relationships, drugs, parenting and medicine. Each little portion gives a point of view that is uplifting, enlightening, and always reassuring that one can positively affect such areas of one's life with success and ease. From there the book goes into parables and fable which help to explain the crux of the message and subsequent methods of meditation and trance to further enhance one's aura and abilities.

The overall book has a great message albeit with dubious sources. It is hard, however, to question the sources of the book when its basic message is simply "love." Perhaps if we all slowed down and expressed some love for a change instead of falling to the many vices such as greed, desire for power, jealousy, and judgement, we would all be in a better place as a race. Alas, it seems there will have to be big changes for that to happen, whether we wish for them or not. "Becoming Gods" is a great read for anyone interested in an alternative and empowering perspective on the world as we know it.

As a footnote to Mr.Gilliland's book, his present work takes place at a small ranch at Trout Lake, Washington. At this ranch, various UFOs and other anomolies appear quite often. These appearances have been seen by not only ufologists, but also debunkers as well, with unexplainable phenomenon seen by all. His ranch's purpose is as an educational center as well as a center for potential interface with various interstellar and interdimensional beings. Check out ECETI for more information on his work.