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2006's 12 Guests C2C Needs


" I can think of at least a dozen guests (and shall list them soon when I have time) worthy of an appearance on C2C more than these clods they have appearing this week. " -- an enraged binnall, 9.27.4, on the Coast to Coast AM message boards.

For the third year in a row, the staff of BoA has searched far and wide for those esoteric researchers who deserve their time in the spotlight. We believe they have the "right stuff" for the big stage that is Coast to Coast AM.

Noteworthy is that this year's list features 9 potential guests who have never appeared on C2C. Within the context of Coast, esoterica's biggest radio program, they are undiscovered gems and, hopefully, they'll have their chance to shine sometime in the next 12 months. Of the three who have appeared on Coast, their appearances were over 5 years ago and an update from these old friends is long overdue.

As in previous years, the compiling of this year's list spawned vociferous debates amongst the BoA staff. The process was not without it's pitfalls, including a four hour filibuster on behalf of one potential nominee, a week long diet of Taco Bell Gorditas, an intern sobbing in the corner, two smashed computers, a broken toe, and at least one trip to the emergency room to treat a minor stab wound. Be that as it may, we came together and the annual set of 12 was ratified. Special thanks and kudos go out to Lesley, who penned the abstracts for four of our suggested guests (2,4,6, and 12).

And now, ladies and gentlemen, submitted for your perusal ... 2006's 12 Guests C2C Needs.

Notes : Under "Last C2C Appearance", "Not listed" means they are not listed in the guest archive at coasttocoastam.com nor the artbell.com cd rom. Pre-1997 Art Bell Show guest listings are whereabouts unknown. When applicable, books proposed as topics are listed in quotes.

Proposed guests are listed in alphabetical order.

1>James Carrion : Incoming National Director of MUFON Abstract : This relative unknown is about to take over one of the most important jobs in all of Ufology : director of MUFON. While not a household name to casual esoteric researchers, it would be interesting to hear how he arrived at the top spot within MUFON and where he sees the organization going in the future. Last C2C Appearance : None listed. Website : mufon.com

2>Joseph Farrell : "The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa's Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12" Abstract : Farrel's two latest books about Nazi secret technology and occult practices would make for a fantastic c2c show. Farrel is a favorite on Dreamland and I am sure would go over just as well with the c2c listeners. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed. Website : www.gizadeathstar.com

3> Adam Gorightly : "The Prankster and the Conpsiracy", "Shadow over Saint Susana" Abstract : The self described "crackpot historian" posseses a keen eye for the esoteric in pop culture as well as niche stories from within big esoteric events like the JFK assassination or the Manson Family murders. Last C2C Appearance : None listed. Website : adamgorightly.com

4>Robert Hastings : UFOs and Nuclear Incidents Abstract : In 1967 Robert Hastings was involved in an incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana where ufos were hovering near nuclear missile silos. Since then he has researched and spoken on the topic of what the government knows about ufos. He has some unique research that would make for a great c2c show.Last C2C Appearance : None Listed. Website : Robert's writings on UFOs and ICBM sites

5>Dr. Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis : "The Psychic Sasquatch & UFO Connections" Abstract : One of the key researchers on the paranormal aspects of the Bigfoot. He's at the forefront of this oft undiscussed cryptozoological niche. Has over 50 years of Bigfoot research, so he's not some newcomer to the esoteric. Last C2C Appearance : 8.10.2000 Website : An excerpt from his book

6>Alfred Lehmberg : alienview.net Abstract : Lehmberg is a writer for UFO magazine and a biweekly commentator on The Strange Days Indeed radio show. He has been involved in the ufo community for many years and writes epic ufo related odes on his blog, as well as being the arch nemesis of Paul Kimball and others that he feels are too skeptical. Last C2C Appearance : None listed. Website : www.alienviewgroup.blogspot.com

7>Stuart Miller : UFO Review Abstract : Creator and editor of the critically acclaimed E-zine "UFO Review", considered a must-read by serious students of the UFO phenomenon. Also, keeper of one of the net's best esoteric news wire services. Has a keen understanding of not just the UFO phenomenon, but also the innerworking of Ufology today. Last C2C Appearance : None listed. Website :www.uforeview.net

8>Jeff Rense : The Jeff Rense Show Abstract : Perhaps the most shocking on the list, but worthy of consideration. Given that C2C has had Alex Jones, Lou Gentile, and the Wing TV folks on the show, there's no reason for no Rense. The only thing holding it back may be that Rense doesn't seem to do interviews. That said, a Noory / Rense summit would be historic. Last C2C Appearance : 7.6.1999 Website : rense.com

9>Lisa Shiel : "Backyard Bigfoot" Abstract : A strong Bigfoot researcher who has looked at its history, its connection to UFOs, and has done a wealth of field research. Her personal experiences attempting to study the Bigfoot and "communicate" with it are easily worthy of further examination. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed. Website : www.upbigfoot.com

10>Jerry E. Smith : "Secrets of the Holy Lance", "HAARP : The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy", Abstract : For starters, his stuff on the Holy Lance is amazing and covers ground that almost never gets any air time. Perfect for Noory. His HAARP stuff is equally impressive and would be perfect for Art Bell.Last C2C Appearance : None Listed. Website : www.jerryesmith.com

11>Mac Tonnies : "After the Martian Apocalypse" Abstract : Considered by many to be one of the "next big things" in esoterica, Tonnies is quickly gaining a following in the blogosphere. His book on the much discussed anomalies on Mars has drawn widespread critical acclaim. Tonnies could bring a fresh, open-minded, but thankfully grounded, look at the C2C stalwart that is Mars. Last C2C Appearance : None listed. Website : mactonnies.com / posthumanblues.blogspot.com

12>John Velez : Abductions Abstract : Back in the 1990's John Velez was one of the best known ufo abductees. He appeared on many different shows including NOVA and The Art Bell Show to tell his frightening tale of abductions. His goal was always to help others who have experienced the same type of traumatic events. Now there is a whole new listening audience to c2c that have not heard Velez and it is high time to have him back.Last C2C Appearance : None Listed.

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