Jacques Vallee
1 hour 54 minutes
We close out Season III with the legendary Jacques Vallee talking about his groundbreaking books Messengers of Deception and The Alien Contact Trilogy.
Linda Moulton Howe
1 hour 19 minutes
The incomparable Linda Moulton Howe comes to BoA:Audio for a truly unique episode of the program.
Bill Guggenheim
1 hour 50 minutes
Exploration of the newly emerging field of After-Death Communications with Bill Guggenheim, a pioneer in the young ADC genre.
Bill Birnes Part 2
1 hour 24 minutes
The second installment of our lengthy conversation with Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine, and The Day After Roswell.
Bill Birnes Part 1
1 hour 46 minutes
The first half of a marathon conversation with Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine, and The Day After Roswell.
Marie Jones
1 hour 15 minutes
We explore the world of vulcanology with Marie Jones, author of Supervolcano.
Bill Chalker Part 2
1 hour 25 minutes
The second installment of our conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker.
Bill Chalker Part 1
1 hour 15 minutes
BoA:Audio returns to Down Under with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker.
Smiles Lewis
2 hours 5 minutes
One of the big players in today's paranormal scene, the prolific SMiles Lewis joins BoA:Audio for a two hour jam session on all things esoteric.
Carl Feindt
1 hour 24 minutes
A thorough look at the water - UFO connection with Ufologist Carl Feindt.
Thomas Shachtman
1 hour 8 minutes
An in-depth discussion on the Amish rite of passage Rumspringa, and Amish culture in general, with author Thomas Shachtman.
2nd Annual Baseball Special
3 hours 7 minutes
It's our massive 2nd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special, featuring a collection of esoteric all stars kicking back and talking about baseball.
Gildas Bourdais
1 hour 24 minutes
BoA:Audio takes another look at international Ufology as Gildas Bourdais joins us for an in-depth discussion on the French UFO scene.
Jeff Belanger
1 hour 47 minutes
BoA:Audio returns to the ghost realm with an A-list name from that genre, Jeff Belanger, to talk about his new book "The Ghost Files."
Dr Bob Curran
1 hour 25 minutes
We take a tour of mythical locations with Dr. Bob Curran, author of "Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms", calling direct from Northern Ireland.
Steve Bassett
1 hour 12 Minutes
Founder of Paradigm Research Group, creator of the X-Conference, and major player in the world of Exopolitics, Steve Bassett returns to BoA:Audio.
Chris Balzano
2 hours 2 Minutes
Rising esoteric star Chris Balzano comes to the program to discuss his debut book "Dark Woods: Cults, Crime, and the Paranormal in Freetown State Forest".
Cristo Louw
1 hour 59 Minutes
We call nearly 8,000 miles away for the first American interview ever by Cristo Louw, head of South Africa's UFO Resource.
Larry Flaxman
1 hour 50 Minutes
BoA:Audio explores ghost hunting with guest Larry Flaxman, founder of the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST).
Greg Bishop
2 hours 12 Minutes
Longtime BoA:Audio friend Greg Bishop returns to the program to discuss and dissect the previous year in the world of Ufology.
Nick Redfern
2 hours 5 Minutes
Season One favorite Nick Redfern returns to the program for a lengthy conversation on all things esoteric.
Stanton Friedman
1 hour 29 Minutes
Ufological legend Stanton Friedman returns to the program for our third annual BoA : Audio Holiday Special.
Nick Pope
1 hour 40 Minutes
Former head of the UK MOD UFO Project, Nick Pope, comes to BoA : Audio.
Jeremy Vaeni
1 hour 40 Minutes
Prolific esoteric pundit Jeremy Vaeni joins BoA : Audio for a freewheeling interview.
Keith Chester Part 2
1 hour 34 Minutes
The second half of our discussion on the Foo Fighter era of Ufology with Keith Chester, author of "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII".
Keith Chester Part 1
1 hour 41 Minutes
Rediscovering the Foo Fighter era of Ufology with Keith Chester, author of "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII".
Mass UFO Show/Monster Mash Special
1 hour 52 Minutes
On site interviews with six of the presenters from the two day esoteric double bill. Loren Coleman, Chris Balzano, Don Keating, Don Ledger, Carl Feindt, and Chris Styles
Greg Reece
1 hour 34 Minutes
Beyond the lights in the sky, discussing Ufology and belief systems with Greg Reece, author of "UFO Religion".
Danny Hennigar
1 hour 13 Minutes
Communications director for the Oak Island Tourism Society, Danny Hennigar, takes us through the Oak Island Money Pit mystery from top to bottom.
Karyn Dolan
1 hour 11 Minutes
Host of "Through the Keyhole", Karyn Dolan joins BoA : Audio to discuss her emergence into the field of the esoteric.
Jim Marrs
1 hour 10 Minutes
BoA : Audio, Season III kicks off with Jim Marrs, author of "Psi Spies".