Brad Steiger
1 hour 42 minutes
The season finale of BoA : Audio, Season Two features esoteric icon, Brad Steiger, discussing his over 50 years of paranormal research.
Lisa Shiel
1 hour 14 minutes
The penultimate episode of Season Two sees Lisa Shiel, author of Backyard Bigfoot, join the program to discuss her first hand research into strange elements of the Bigfoot
Robert Hastings
1 hour 15 minutes
Leading investigator of UFO incidents at nuclear bases, Robert Hastings joins us to discuss the UFO - Nuke Connection.
Chris Styles
1 hour 25 minutes
The principal investigator of the Shag Harbour Incident, Chris Styles, joins BoA : Audio to discuss this tremendously strong UFO case.
Gary A. David
1 hour 12 minutes
Author of "The Orion Zone" joins us to discuss the strange correlation between monuments and settlements of the Native American Hopi tribe and the stars of the constellation Orion.
Kent Daniel Bentkowski Part 2 of 2
1 hour
Our conversation continues with internet conspiracy pundit Kent Daniel Bentkowski.
Kent Daniel Bentkowski Part 1 of 2
1 hour 10 minutes
Internet conspiracy pundit Kent Daniel Bentkowski is our guest as we delve into a number of shadowy realms of esoterica.
Michael Salla
1 hour 22 minutes
Michael Salla returns to BoA : Audio for a full length interview to discuss Exopolitics.
Tony Healy
1 hour 48 minutes
One of our most ambitious episodes yet, as Tony Healy, co-author of "Yowie : In Search of Australia's Bigfoot", joins the program, direct from Canberra, Australia.
BoA Baseball Special
1 hour 57 minutes
Three former BoA : Audio guests, Greg Bishop, Paul Kimball, and Adam Gorightly, return to talk about baseball and esoterica. We also feature clips from our Stan Friedman and Loren Coleman interviews, which also touch upon issues surrounding baseball and esoterica.
Marie Jones
1 hour 16 minutes
Critically acclaimed alternative science writer Marie Jones guests on BoA : Audio to talk about her book "Psience : How New Discoveries In Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena".
Mac Tonnies Part 2 of 2
1 hour 51 minutes
Part Two of our lengthy interview with esoteric pundit Mac Tonnies. In this installment, we talk about Mac's cryptoterrestrial hypothesis and Ufology in general
Mac Tonnies Part 1 of 2
58 minutes
Part One of a marathon conversation with esoteric pundit Mac Tonnies. In this installment, we discuss his book "After the Martian Apocalypse"
Paul Schatzkin
1 hour 15 minutes
It's an alternative history episode, as Paul Schatzkin joins the program to discuss Philo T. Farnsworth, "The Boy Who Invented Television".
Farah Yurdozu
1 hour 17 minutes
Turkey's first female Ufologist, Farah Yurdozu comes to BoA to talk about all things Turkish and esoteric.
Jerry E. Smith
1 hour 20 Minutes
Jerry E. Smith returns to BoA : Audio to discuss his latest book, "Weather Warfare : The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature".
John Greenewald Part 2 of 2
1 hours 6 Minutes
The first half of an in-depth interview with creator John Greenewald.
John Greenewald Part 1 of 2
1 hour 4 Minutes
The first half of an in-depth interview with creator John Greenewald.
James Carrion
1 hour 1 Minute
A comprehensive interview with a major new player on the UFO scene.
Stanton Friedman
1 hour 8 Minutes
Christmas special with "The Father of Modern Day Ufology".
Bill Ryan/Kerry Cassidy Part 2
1 hour 29 Minutes
We wrap up the Serpo discussion with Bill Ryan, then Kerry Cassidy, joins Bill and binnall to talk about Project Camelot.
Bill Ryan Part 1 of 2
1 hour 30 Minutes
Bill Ryan, creator of talks about the infamous SERPO story.
UFO Crash Retrieval Conference
1 hour 13 Minutes
Five on-site interviews from the UFO CRC and post-conference reflections from organizer Ryan Wood.
Bart Sibrel
1 hour 33 Minutes
BoA : Audio tackles the Moon Hoax with Bart Sibrel.
Peter Davenport
1 hour 38 Minutes
A conversation with Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center.
Paola Harris
2 hours 28 Minutes
Expanded edition of BoA : Audio goes over 2 hours with Paola Harris, author of "Connecting the Dots : Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon"
Scott Corrales
1 hour 52 Minutes
In-depth interview with Ufologist and cryptozoologist Scott Corrales, author of "Chupacabras and Other Mysteries"
Dennis Spaulding
1 hour 34 Minutes
Discussion of the afterlife with Dennis Spaulding, co-author of "My Search for the Afterlife"
Paul Kimball Part 2
1 hour 43 Minutes
Part two of a marathon conversation with filmmaker and esoteric pundit Paul Kimball.
Paul Kimball Part 1
1 hour 39 Minutes
Part One of a marathon conversation with filmmaker and esoteric pundit Paul Kimball.
Jim Marrs
1 hour 5 Minutes
BoA : Audio, Season Two kicks off with Jim Marrs, author of "The Terror Conspiracy".