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BoA’s Summer of Strangeness continues as we welcome author and paranormal investigator Justin Bamforth for a conversation about his book The Spectrum. We talk about his use of the term ‘the spectrum’ to cover all of the weirdness that encompasses paranormal phenomena, psychic premonitions, crisis apparitions, Justin’s own paranormal investigations, a particularly unsettling haunting case that is featured in his book, and the difference between UFO and ghost conferences. We also spend a considerable amount of time exploring non-human entities such as Men in Black. Justin discusses a remarkable case from Niagara Falls in which an MIB may have been caught on tape, incidents of entities who behave like MIBs, but are not dressed in the iconic ‘uniform’ of these mysterious beings, a chilling case centered around unnerving mystery phone calls, and phantom photographers.

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Justin Bamforth on BoA’s Summer of Strangeness

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