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BoA’s Summer of Strangeness continues with a long-overdue conversation with author and lecturer John E.L. Tenney about his new book Theoretical Weirdo, his prodigious career exploring the strange and unusual, and the current state of paranormal research. We muse about people striving to become ‘paranormal famous,’ how the perception of what ghosts are like may be wildly incorrect, alternative methods for ghost hunting, and whether or not the ‘powers that be’ know what happens after you die. We also learn about John’s experience starring in a cable television ghost hunting show and he reveals a bevy of backstage insights into how the proverbial sausage gets made. Additionally, we delve into UFO World and the push for disclosure as well as how many paranormal fields are, paradoxically, driven towards causing themselves to become obsolete. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

All told, this is a fascinating, fast-paced, and fourth-wall-smashing edition of BoA that our longtime listeners will be sure to love.

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John E.L. Tenney on BoA’s Summer of Strangeness

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