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The sixth installment of what has become BoA’s weekly coronavirus conversation with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn. Recorded on Friday, April 17th, we react to the latest numbers as of that evening, discuss the emerging debate over when to re-open the American economy, the psychological and economic toll of the ongoing quarantine in the United States, the challenges of finding a vaccine, and other developments from the past week. Plus, we hear from listener ‘Mr. Owl,’ who provides some insight into the situation in Brazil and Binnall offers some updates on his gas station misadventure and the ‘stovetop installation challenge’ that came up in last week’s episode.

As has been the case since we began, it’s another hopefully informative show that can also provide a few laughs along the way as we collectively endure this unthinkable situation that has been thrust upon the world.

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BoA Coronavirus Crisis Special Report VI with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn

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