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On the heels of the spectacular second season of Hellier, BoA hosts an impromptu ‘after party’ with Greg Newkirk, Karl Pfeiffer, Connor Randall, and Tyler Strand. We explore some of the big themes from the second season, the remarkable reaction to Hellier from the paranormal community, a few unanswered questions from the show, suggestions that people have made for where the program should go next, and, of course, tons more, including lots of laughs and a couple of very weird callers.

Note: This recap is deliberately vague because this episode is LOADED WITH SPOILERS for Hellier season two. For those who have seen the second season, you’ll likely enjoy the conversation quite a bit. For those who have not seen Hellier, you’re HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to check out the series before listening to this edition of BoA, otherwise we’ll have spoiled it all for you. Consider yourself warned!

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Hellier 2 Afterparty on BoA’s 2019 Holiday Season

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