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The BoA Holiday season marches on as we welcome Sarah Scoles, author of the forthcoming book They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers, for a discussion on what we affectionately call ‘UFO World.’ We find out why Sarah, a mainstream science journalist, wound up looking into the world of UFOs and UFO researchers, and discuss a number of hot button stories including still-unfolding TTSA / AATIP saga, issues surrounding MUFON, the mysterious nature of Bob Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch, the bizarre solar observatory conspiracy that erupted last year, the Storm Area 51 silliness from this past summer, and where all the world UFO studies seems to be headed into the future. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

MP3s, Streaming Audio, and Podcast Feed info available here: Sarah Scoles on BoA:Audio’s 2019 Holiday Season

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