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The BoA 2019 Holiday Season continues with an exploration of one of the oldest and most controversial conspiracy theories of them all: The Flat Earth with special guest Mark Sargent, creator of Flat Earth Clues and star of the Netflix documentary Behind the Curve. In this exhaustive conversation, we cover how Mark got involved in the world of the Flat Earth, some basic mechanical questions about how the world could be flat, such as what is under and above this plane, and what he considers to be victory for the Flat Earth movement, if there were ‘Flat Earth disclosure’ what would it look like? We also discuss the Netflix movie which saw Mark become something a celebrity in the last year, his co-star Patricia Steere’s decision to leave the world of Flat Earth research, the YouTube-centric nature of the field, similarities with Q-Anon, the long and troubling history of the Flat Earth theory, and, the forthcoming Flat Earth International Conference in Dallas on November 14th which, as luck would have it, Binnall will be attending.

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