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BoA kicks off a special series of episodes to wrap up 2020, which we’ve delightfully dubbed the ‘Binnall-i-day Season,’ beginning with filmmaker and friend of the program Seth Breedlove, creator of the fantastic film franchise ‘Small Town Monsters.’ Over the course of this 4th-wall-smashing conversation, we talk about the challenges and benefits to working in the paranormal on a full-time basis, his latest film MOMO: The Missouri Monster and how it’s a striking departure from his previous productions, his forthcoming series devoted to the UFO phenomenon, how UFO studies have dramatically changed in recent years, a future documentary about the Bell Witch that he has planned for 2020, and, of course, tons more. Plus, we’ll have an update on forthcoming plans for the ‘Binnall-i-day Season’ at the end of the program.

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Seth Breedlove on the BoA 2019 Holiday Season Premiere

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