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Continuing our string of holiday-themed episodes, we present for the first-time ever, the Binnall of America Christmas Party featuring three incredibly astute observers of the esoteric as well as dear friends of the program Jack Brewer, Aaron Gulyas, and Adam Gorightly.

This rollicking, three-hour-long conversation covers a vast array of topics including the emergence of the QAnon conspiracy theory and how it resembles other odd conspiracies, the latest happenings in the world of ufology surrounding the TTSA and its fans, the odd transition in conspiracy & UFO culture from distrusting the government to now thinking that it is ‘on our side,’ the metamorphosis of Alex Jones, the Mueller investigation, Binnall becoming a lifestyle guru, and lots more.

Featuring four seasoned players in the paranormal, the program is cantankerous at times, hilarious at other points, and overall almost certain to have you thinking ‘big picture’ about the worlds of conspiracy theory research and UFO studies as these fields are seemingly molting into something new before our very eyes.

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BoA Christmas Party

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