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BoA:Audio closes the book on Season X as well as our traditional seasonal format with an epic extravaganza recorded LIVE from the legendary French Quarter of New Orleans in the courtyard of the Starling Magickal Occult Shop.

Befitting our final show for the foreseeable future, this is truly a one-of-a-kind edition of the program which features appearances by dear friends and former BoA:Audio guests Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, and ‘Red Pill Junkie,’ talking about the evolution of our decade+ dynasty.

Plus, in keeping with what made BoA:Audio special, a bevy of longtime listeners join in on the festivities, discussing how they found the show in the first place and what it was about the program that made them stick with us for all these years.

As one can imagine, there’s also quite a bit of reflection from your humble host, Binnall, who shares memories of various interviews, some of his favorite shows, and doles out a bevy of thanks to the many different people who helped shape the program over the course of ten amazing seasons.

With the sun literally setting over the BoA empire on a gorgeous April evening in New Orleans, he also muses a bit about why this is ‘the end’ and what may be to come once the dust has settled from the Season X finale and a proverbial ‘new morning’ begins.

Considering that this show was taped at the end of a four-day-long gathering of ParaManiacs in the notorious city of NOLA, Binnall’s voice is understandably raspy, but please rest assured that his sentiments and gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey are rock solid.

To that end, as stated during the show, perhaps a little less eloquently and with a lot more f-bombs, please don’t be sad that we’re wrapping up the program for now.

Instead, to paraphrase Ric Flair, rejoice in the fact that BoA:Audio has been one of the greatest podcasts, paranormal or otherwise, of all time.

Celebrate that we’re going out on top with a rather monumental episode that is truly worthy of our enormous legacy at the end of what may have been our finest season which followed a year where it seemed that the program may have prematurely become a thing of the past and ended with simply a whimper.

And, finally, rest easy knowing that BoA isn’t dead and Binnall isn’t retiring from the paranormal, which means that we’ll be back with something that should, hopefully, be as impactful as what we concluded during this magickal dusk in New Orleans.

So, as always, stay tuned…

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The BoA:Audio Finale

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