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BoA:Audio welcomes the amazing and fascinating Col. John Alexander for a discussion on his new book, Reality Denied, which details his decades-long examination of a vast array of paranormal and psi phenomena as well as his thoughts on how to properly study these perplexing realms.

Among the topics discussed are his work with NIDS at the Skinwalker Ranch and what he thinks of the big Pentagon UFO project reveal, which is remarkably similar to a group John put together inside the government years ago.

We explore the tantalizing and controversial ‘alien alloys’ aspect of the Pentagon UFO story and also attempt to find out what may be behind Bob Bigelow’s interest in the UFO phenomenon.

We then pivot to the topic of psi phenomena, specifically spoon bending, as John was intimately involved with something of a spoon bending craze among military people in the early 1980′s.

He shares some incredible stories from ‘spoon bending parties’ and provides a few examples of the practice being done where no trickery was possible. John also gives some advice on how to get the best results if one were to hold their own spoon bending party.

From there, we get John’s take on the ‘targeted individual’ and MILAB conspiracy theories which he is highly skeptical of actually being real as well as the alien abduction phenomenon.

We also cover a topic near and dear to BoA:Audio listeners: portals and what John may know about these enigmatic phenomena. Moving to an entirely different area of discussion, perhaps, we learn about John’s ayahuasca experiences, having taken the concoction at various places around the world.

And, wrapping things up, we delve into his proposal for how to best study the paranormal and psi phenomena.

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Col. John Alexander on BoA:Audio, Season X

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