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Investigative journalist, self-described ‘crackpot’ historian, and longtime friend of the program Adam Gorightly makes his triumphant return to BoA:Audio to help us celebrate our final season.

We kick things off by finding out about Adam’s upcoming role in the feature film The Hill and the Hole, which also happens to feature a brief cameo by Binnall.

We discuss how Adam got involved in the movie, get a thumbnail look at what the movie is about without giving away any spoilers, muse about the subculture of independent filmmaking and the weirdness of being in a movie, plus other insights about this somewhat surprising new avenue for Adam.

Next we delve into the always-thorny topic of today’s modern conspiracy culture, specifically how it seems like conspiracies have not only gone mainstream, but that everyone has to have a ‘side’ as to which particular theory they support.

Some of the different areas discussed include the standoff between militia groups and the US government at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in early 2016 and how Adam noticed the emergence of odd ‘meme propaganda’ a few years ago before it was revealed to be partially coming from Russia.

He also provides his take on the ongoing Mueller investigation into the purported Trump-Russia conspiracy and the cunning nature of how the FBI questions people.

This segues into Adam’s observations about some of the characters in the world of conspiracy culture who have become more well known since Trump got elected.

Taking a Devil’s advocate point of view, we propose to Adam the possibility that Trump and his cohorts are trying to topple the New World Order, so those that oppose him are sheeple who are essentially giving in to the NWO.

This leads into talk of oligarchs, Russian money being laundered in America, and the emergence of Pizzagate late last year, which is really just an old conspiracy theory that is being recycled in the modern age.

We also discuss the jaw-dropping number of Hollywood sex scandal exploding at the moment, what it might mean, and if it is a harbinger of something more ominous or stunning yet to come.

Pivoting away from politics, we turn our attention to the big UFO story of the moment: the tale of Tom DeLonge and we get Adam’s take on what may be happening behind the scenes with this story.

Adam then details a forthcoming book that he’s working on with Greg Bishop which will serve as a ‘who’s who’ from the contactee era using some fantastic, rarely-seen photos from that time period.

Taking a question from BoA friend Steve Ray, we ask Adam about predictive programming and how some conspiracy theorists believe that the public is being conditioned for things via popular entertainment.

Heading towards the close, we also talk about another relatively new phenomena in conspiracy culture: electronic harassment and gang stalking.

And for the last few minutes, we generally just shoot the breeze as the show winds down and find out what’s next for Adam Gorightly beyond the movie and contactee book.

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Adam Gorightly on BoA:Audio, Season X

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