In a special Halloween night edition of the program, BoA:Audio welcomes author and investigator Linda Godfrey for a discussion of bipedal canine cryptids, cases of odd portal events, and other spooky stories from her book Monsters Among Us.

We begin by reflecting on the mystifying nature of the bipedal canine cryptid phenomenon and how it seems to defy being put into any paranormal genre, although has begun to be accepted in the realm of cryptozoology in recent years as the phenomenon has persisted.

This leads to some talk about witnesses who tell their stories to Linda and how, most often, they had their experiences before ever knowing who she was and, thus, they were not influenced by her work, contrary to what some skeptics may think.

We then muse about how it seems like any and all theories surrounding these creatures cannot entirely explain all of the cases, making the entire phenomenon particularly difficult to graps.

This turns into some talk about how poor Linda gets messages from purported werewolves, who claim that they transform from human to wolf, and how she responds to these strange messages.

Taking a page from the world of Bigfootery, we find out if Linda ever gets any cohabitation stories from alleged bipedal canine cryptid witnesses who claims that the creatures come through their property on a regular basis.

Linda also reveals how she often hears from witnesses who not only don’t want their name released, but refuse to even let her write their story in a book, which seems to destroy the skeptical argument that they are just making up stories for attention.

Next we delve into a favorite topic on BoA:Audio which is featured in Linda’s book quite a bit: mysterious ‘portals’ that have both been witnessed and photographed by game cameras.

This starts with some talk about how the idea of an ‘other side’ seems to reappear in cultures throughout the ages and all over the world, suggesting that perhaps such a place truly does exist.

An off hand observation about the ‘Missing 411′ phenomenon results in Linda telling an absolutely chilling story about how she knew someone that seemed to almost be a potential case for that weird genre.

Following that, Linda shares a very strange story about a visit to the forest with some friends where an object got thrown at them in a fashion that is truly head scratching.

Linda then shares another creepy bipedial canine cryptid and we pivot towards a series of photos in the book which showcase a truly amazing ‘mist’ that appeared in daylight on a farm specifically where a deer carcass had been left for a mystery animal.

This takes us down a side road where we find out how often she hears ‘inside info’ from police officers who hear reports of bipedal canine cryptids or other weirdness.

Trying to get our arms around how canines could even be bipedal, we hear Linda’s musings regarding the possibility that this is some kind of learned behavior. Swaying back to the paranormal end, we talk about how these ‘creatures’ may be some kind of projection by something entirely different that is putting up a guard of sorts.

This turns into some 4th wall smashing in the sense that we never hear any stories about what happens when people go into portals or run afoul of bipedal canine cryptids.

Linda then tells an absolutely amazing story about visiting a haunted site and seeing a bizarre glowing orb at the same time that another witness saw the ghost of a young man, which we marvel over and unpack for quite a bit, trying to figure out what the hell happened during this incident.

Digging into a skeptical point of view, we find out about the argument that dogs simply are not physically capable to walk on two feet for an extended period of time. On a meta level, we talk about how the bipedal canine cryptids also inspire a reshaping of the definition of ‘cryptozoology’ to include ‘animals behaving extremely out of the ordinary.’

Nearing the end of the conversation, we have a good laugh at foolish skeptics who say that witnesses are drunk and that’s why they see the bipedal canine cryptids.

Considering that Monsters Among Us came out last year at around this time, we find out what’s next for Linda when it comes to forthcoming books and how folks can follower her work at her website.

Looking at things from a different perspective, we have Linda reflect on being essentially responsible for launching a whole new genre of the paranormal in the form of ‘upright unknown canines” reports.

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