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Acclaimed documentary filmmaker and 2017 Golden Yeti winner Seth Breedlove joins us to talk about cryptids and the paranormal as well as how one documents such strangeness.

Following the standard bio / background on Seth Breedlove, where we learn about how he got interested in the paranormal and how his production company, Small Town Monsters, launched, we learn about his forthcoming new film Invasion on Chestnut Ridge.

In discussing the new movie, we talk about how the film features a vast array of strange events and happenings which took place in this particular area of Pennsylvania, including the legendary Kecksburg UFO event, a weird combined Bigfoot / UFO sighting, and a number of strange cryptid sightings.

Seth also shares insights into the process of making the movie, including the remarkable detail of how they filmed the interviews for the film over the course of only about two days.

This segues into some talk about STM’s prior film The Mothman of Point Pleasant and we start by finding out why Seth and company decided to tackle a subject which has been covered extensively by documentary filmmakers in the past.

We bounce back to one of the researchers featured in the Chestnut Ridge film, Barry Clark, who had a vivid UFO experience and decided that, after it seemingly led to odd paranormal activity in his home, to leave the research community.

We also talk about one recurring element in both films: Men in Black as the mysterious figures factor into both the Mothman story as well as a Bigfoot sighting detailed in the Chestnut Ridge documentary.

At the mid-point of the conversation, we find out what’s next for Small Town Monsters, including how the company has a plan for films which stretches all the way out to 2020. This leads to some talk about whether or not the films will ever appear on TV or if Seth would spin the SMT brand into a TV show.

Jumping way back to Seth’s first film, he tells us about the Minerva Monster, which was an odd, Bigfoot-like creature that seemingly became enamored with a family in Ohio during the late 1970′s.

Breaking the paranormal fourth wall, we lament that there aren’t really any ‘signature’ cases or flaps in modern times, whether they be UFO events or Bigfoot / creature encounters.

Getting into general paranormal ponderings, we get Seth’s take on whether or not there is a connection between UFOs and Bigfoot. Heading towards the close, we ask Seth what he thinks of what looks to be an ongoing Mothman flap in Chicago and he has a pretty surprising answer.

Closing out the show, we have Seth reflect on what has been an insane month for him, traveling from his home in Ohio to Portland, then Kentucky, then Point Pleasant, and then Montana as part of a whirlwind series of weekends at paranormal conferences. And, wrapping up the show, we get personal and have Seth muse about his latest and most important role: being a dad.

Altogether, it’s an awesome conversation with someone who is producing some truly informed paranormal material that can and should be appreciated by those of us who have ‘seen it all’ and still want to be amazed as Seth Breedlove takes us into the world of Small Town Monsters.

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