Author and collector of strange-but-true tales from American history, Robert Schneck, makes a long-overdue appearance on the program as we continue our series of first-time guests here on Season X.

Kicking things off, we reflect on the International Cryptozoology Conference which was held in Portland, Maine over Labor Day weekend and featured Robert giving a presentation and Binnall hanging around in attendance.

Following that, we get the bio / background on Robert Schneck and find out how he wound up collecting and writing about strange-but-true tales.

Next we discuss how one of Robert’s stories wound up being turned into the film Bye Bye Man, learning how he found out it was even happening, a somewhat surprising aspect of how involved he was in the process, his rather hilarious story about attending the film’s ‘premiere,’ and whether or not he became fabulously wealthy from the movie.

Beyond that, Robert discusses the ‘Phantom Raiders’ which plauged one Massachusetts town at the height of the witch trial hysteria as well as the 1924 story of ‘Ape Canyon,’ which has become an infamous tale in cryptozoological lore, but may have been something altogether different. Plus, of course, tons more as we ventured down a number of sideroads replete with a ton of laughs.

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Robert Schneck on BoA:Audio, Season X

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