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Delving into one of the more fascinating subcultures in esoterica today, BoA:Audio welcomes author Walter Bosley for a no-holds-barred look at the conspiracy theory and those who research it.

Walter details how there is a proverbial fight for the soul of SSP research going on right now as the community is divided between serious-minded researchers and alleged ‘whistleblowers,’ who are weirdly popular but also only telling stories with seemingly no actual proof.

Beyond that, we dig into the ‘secret space program’ theory, itself, learning about Walter’s research into the idea along with his theories and speculation of what might be going on with regards to clandestine space travel.

Topics discussed during this portion of the conversation incldue the work of Charles Dellschau, the mysterious group known as NYMZA, the Sonora Aeroclub, and how these organizations may have formed the basis for a parallel space program never revealed to the public.

Nearly impossible to fully recap, this marathon three-hour episode covers the SSP from both an insider level as far as how this unique realm of research has evolved over the years as well as an outsider perspective as we attempt to unravel what could be real, what’s pure speculation, and what we know as far as historical information that may strengthen the case that there truly is a ‘secret space program.’

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Walter Bosley on BoA:Audio, Season X

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