Seasoned paranormal researchers Chris Balzano and Tim Weisberg return to BoA:Audio for a fourth-wall-smashing conversation which goes beyond spooky stories and, instead, centers on trends and developments in the overall field of ghost hunting and the paranormal in general.

Among the topics discussed are the ‘breakout’ nature of both the Bridgewater Triangles & pukwudgies from regional New England tales to stories that are now fairly well known on a national basis, the evolution of ghost investigations from ‘looking for evidence’ to just trying to experience something.

We also muse about how the paranormal and professional wrestling are eerily similar in both public perception as well as their respective fanbases and the archetypes found in both these worlds.

Additional, the duo and Binnall share tales and observations about paranormal podcasting over the years and how that medium has changed considerably.

Other areas covered include the paranormal TV industry and how some newcomers to the field seem more obsessed with getting on television than actually doing any research.

And Chris details his latest venture ‘Tripping on Legends’ and explains how this concept dramatically differs from ghost hunting, but still retains thes spirit of the pursuit.

Plus lots more ‘inside baseball’ topics covered in a truly candid fashion with a pair of guests who have put in countless hours pursuing and thinking about the paranormal and, therefore, have no shortage of deep thoughts on what this crazy field is all about.

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Chris Balzano & Tim Weisberg on BoA:Audio, Season X

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